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New contributor from Costa Rica


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Hello everyone!

My name is Ana Lucía and I'm a Costarrican photographer. 

I have learned a lot from reading different topics in this forum, it is certainly a very cooperative community. I am  mostly uploading images from my image bank that I have made over the past 15 years.  I would like to know if the creation date affects in any negative way the discoverability of my images-. Thanks! 
Ana Lucia

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No, it has no affect on discoverability. You may notice when doing a search that you can choose New, Creative, or Relevant. The "New" does not refer to the date taken-- only the date uploaded. Welcome to Alamy and to the Forum.



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Thank you, yes, I am consistently working on that, and I'm actually enjoying it with the help of my beloved "Flip Dictionary",  a very handy and fun thesaurus. Pura vida to you too. !

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