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Laptop recommendations please

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I'm considering getting a laptop for occasional use ie when away from home and the p.c.

I don't want to spend into four figures. Could you suggest a shopping list of features / minimum specs 

or perhaps a few specific models ?  e.g. What type of screen gives the most faithful reproduction ?

Note I'm a bit of a  technophobe and also don't have any experience of Macs.


Thanks in advance

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Here is an article on Laptops suitable for photographers, I would be inclined towards the Microsoft Surface book 2.  Laptops designed for gaming also work well for photo editing.



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Thanks for suggestions. Yes these Surface Pros look good, though a tad pricey.  Perhaps I should look for an older  / used / reconditioned  one

Do you find the screens are faithful as standard or do they need calibration ?

Is it worth considering one with 8gb RAM or is that a false economy ?

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