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Unexpected CA

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I've used an old Olympus Zuiko 50 mm f1.8 lens for years, and love its corner to corner sharpness on the crop frame Sony, and can live with the rather lower contrast results compared to modern glass - sometimes an advantage. Other than that it has no obvious vices. 


However, today I was shooting a fun run in a local park and noticed red fringing around the yellow shirt of one of the runners. I have auto CA removal engaged in LR, but that couldn't cope. I therefore tried the manual CA control in LR, but no joy. I had to resort to cloning out the worst of it in PS. The part of the image in question was slightly before the focus point, so not critically sharp, maybe that was the problem?  Living and learning.

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I see stuff like that sometimes, usually in the central area of the frame. I don't think that it's CA, or ordinary CA anyway. Some kind of colour fringing maybe. Like you, if all else fails, I try to either clone it out or selectively de-saturate.

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