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Adding copyright info

John Mitchell


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In the 'Copyright' field I put my name.  In the 'Author' field I put my name followed by my website URL.  These are added automatically in the camera so I don't have to think about adding it during or after downloading. 


However, if you are thinking specifically about the images you upload to Alamy then it's irrelevant as Alamy strips it out.




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8 hours ago, David Pimborough said:


I have presets in Photoshop and Lightroom which fill in all the various data fields inlcuding contact, website copyright and so on.


Sure the agencies strip it out but if I ever get in to an argument over copyright or what have you; then the original photo has all the info

attached to the image file.


Yes, it's a bit moot with agencies since they strip metadata. However, like you, I'm thinking that with all the concerns about copyright, orphan works, social media, etc., it's probably a good idea to put more info in the metadata. How do you phrase your copyright -- name/date/"all rights reserved" or some other format?

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