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How soon do sales appear?

Simon Bratt


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It's not unusual for sales to appear on our account until some time after the image has been used. In the case of newspapers this can be several weeks or even months. With magazines my own experience is that it is usually a matter of days after publication. Regular Alamy clients have deals which given them the facility to use images and then report their usage later. Sometimes clients are less than efficient at reporting usage, or may even miss reporting altogether, therefore it is a good idea to keep an eye on sales if you know one of your images has been used. As a rule of thumb we don't normally chase up possible missed usages with Alamy for some weeks as we know they may be in the process of being reported. 


I should add that my thoughts on this assume that the image in question is exclusive to Alamy and there is no possibility it has been sourced through another agency.

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Im sure its not an exact science, but I'm checking a particular sale. I see my image on the front of a physical magazine BEFORE alamy even list it as a 'sale' in my data. Thats why i'm going to query this one. Alamy list the 'sale' date as the same day the mag is in the shops, hmmm. Funny how its appeared in my sale data a few hours AFTER i query "where is the sale, when the mags already on the shelves".  Hence my question. lead time for mag edits to being on the shelf must be a few days at least.

Maybe sales posting are delayed for a grace period, exactly incase of returns.

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It all depends on the invoice date. Some buyers self invoice and it can be months after they actually have it on sale in a magazine/newspaper etc.


I look at the invoicing on a regular basis in my Alamy dashboard.




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