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  1. thanks Joseph. I know its alamy, as i was credited and the agent was credited too. Helps when that happens.
  2. Im sure its not an exact science, but I'm checking a particular sale. I see my image on the front of a physical magazine BEFORE alamy even list it as a 'sale' in my data. Thats why i'm going to query this one. Alamy list the 'sale' date as the same day the mag is in the shops, hmmm. Funny how its appeared in my sale data a few hours AFTER i query "where is the sale, when the mags already on the shelves". Hence my question. lead time for mag edits to being on the shelf must be a few days at least. Maybe sales posting are delayed for a grace period, exactly incase of returns.
  3. Hi After a client had bought an image through Alamy, how soon will it appear in the contributors list of sales? Thanks if you know. Simon
  4. Hi Guys, Just popping in to say hello and see what the forums are like. Are there any sharing groups or forums for social media etc? I may have been here a while but not used the forums or alamy much until recently. Simon <a href="http://www.simonbrattphotography.com">Simon Bratt Photography</a>
  5. Hi Is it possible to sell the same images on more than one RM website? or do you have to stick to one RM site? Ive read lots of articles but this isnt clear thanks Simon www.simonbrattphotography.com
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