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Understanding Balance of Account, especially the summary



Good day Peeps,


I am getting myself in mad maze to identify the different between Debit, Credit to Balance. Debit is still own, credit is already go into your acount? 

Another, in my account summary,

Balance brought forward $33.04
Total sales is $1041.65
Commission / charges is $-540.62
Total payments to me is $-320.76
Balance carried forward is $213.31

Cleared Balance $176.84


How does the Cleared Balance came out to be $176.84?
Total sales is the total cost of all images sold or is what am pay for in total sales?

Sorry if this is a repeated question, if there is any link to a detailed explaination please let me know. 

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Total sales is the gross value - how much clients have paid for your images in total before any deductions.


Balance carried forward is the amount that you are waiting to be paid - it includes invoices that have been paid and those that haven't yet been paid/cleared to Alamy


Cleared balance shows invoices that have been paid to Alamy, the money is now cleared and ready for payment next month. 

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This link is under that button Download sales report on your dashboard page. Which doesn't download right away (which is good), but leads you to a page where you can download the Net revenue sales report.

Set the dates to today and 3 or more months back and play around with the Date paid; Date of invoice and Date cleared setting.

Usually I find Date of Invoice most practical.

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