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Found 3 results

  1. Since 2017, part of the balance in the status of Balance carried forward. Why so long? I read on the forums that I can’t get money for sales. Especially if the purchase was made from Brazil. With this attitude, the desire to add new photos goes away
  2. Good day Peeps, I am getting myself in mad maze to identify the different between Debit, Credit to Balance. Debit is still own, credit is already go into your acount? Another, in my account summary, Balance brought forward $33.04 Total sales is $1041.65 Commission / charges is $-540.62 Total payments to me is $-320.76 Balance carried forward is $213.31 Cleared Balance $176.84 How does the Cleared Balance came out to be $176.84? Total sales is the total cost of all images sold or is what am pay for in total sales? Sorry if this is a repeated question, if there is any link to a detailed explaination please let me know.
  3. Hi, every one I have question about my balance of account. There is sale, which not added from 30 July 2018 (I don`t find any information about such long terms of waiting for adding payment). Then I had sales on 29 October 2018 which not added according to page Balance of account. Please give me link to this information or just explain here your terms Thank You very much for Your attentionn P.S.: I have problem with contacting contributors@alamy.com (Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender) My hosting mail master (I have own web with e-mail box) said that it`s because of some settings of alamy mail system. So I can not ask directly and that`s why write here. It would be great if I will solve two problems in one time
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