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  1. PayPal registered address

    Where can I find, in my dashboard or elsewhere on the site, the email address that I registered with Alamy so that they can send my payments via PayPal? PP needs a mail address to send the payment. Alamy say they sent a payment but I see no record of it at my PayPal account..... just wishing to ensure that I haven't made a cockup. Cheers
  2. Images with payyments outstanding

    Back on the 2nd June in the “Have you found….” thread SSHEP posted a list of some 55 images from a book called Hidden Histories by Mary-Ann Ochota. ISBN: 978-0-7112-3693-6., for which I thank him. One of the images was mine, and I was wondering about asking CS to chase up payment. I do not know the current Alamy practice, but I do know they like to allow some reasonable time before chasing customers. Is it maybe 6 months? Out of interest, I decided to buy the book, and in fact found it an interesting source of information concerning things to shoot in the country. I checked and the publication date is 2016. Far from being a customer that has not got round to making payment yet, he has been using our images for two years now. Should I contact CS?
  3. Barely the price of my sandwich

    I'm quite new to Alamy and very new to this forum. What has driven me to write is the low fee that I've been paid for the sale of a photo. It barely covers the cost of the sandwich I had for lunch that day. According to Alamy's own site, a photo sold on the following basis: Country: United KingdomUsage: EditorialMedia: Magazine - print, digital and electronicPrint run: up to 500,000Placement: InsideImage Size: 1 pageStart: 01 August 2018End: 01 August 2023Duration: 3 months. Any placement: Inside or cover. ... should have sold for about $120 of which I receive half. Trouble is that the photo sold for less than $10 (of which I get half) . As far as I can see $9.99 is shown as the lowest a photo can sell for on Alamy - and that's merely for personal use. Can someone tell me what on earth is going on as I am feeling ripped off ?
  4. Hi there, I just got a message that I have sold my 4th images, which is great. But last month my cleared balance was higher than now, although it was just below $50, so I got no payment. What I do not understand that I had no money received from Alamy and my cleared balance went down to $16. Can anyone explain this, please? Many thanks, Zsuzsu
  5. Payment date keeps moving?

    My payment date has moved 3 times...1st, 2nd and now 3rd it just because of the weekend? Would expect this to be all automated... Anyone suffering this?
  6. Payment date keeps moving?

    My payment date has moved 3 times...1st, 2nd and now 3rd it just because of the weekend? Would expect this to be all automated... Anyone suffering this? Please ignore... duplication
  7. Hi I understand it may take up to 3 months for a sale to be reported. How long it usually takes on top of this for the payment to clear? Thank you
  8. Reaching out for help here if anyone has every found themselves in similar situation and hopefully managed to get it sorted and could perhaps give me some guidance? Been with Alamy since 2004, been paid many times, the last few years with PayPal and never ever had a problem. So this is my case/problem; Was paid by Alamy on 2nd of July which is reflected in my "Balance of account". Usually that means that within a week or so I receive it in my PayPal account. Well time passed and nothing was received. I contacted member services and Alamy asked me to double-check my PayPal details and re-enter them just to be sure, which I did. They also said that if something had gone wrong the money would be returned to them within a month i.e. no later than beginning of August. Time passed and it became time for the August payment. Obviously I was worried that something would be wrong with that payment as well, but it came through fine. At this moment my July payment is about 6 weeks plus overdue. When I reach out to member services (which I've done several times) the responses I keep getting from Alamy is that "it has been sent" and "nothing has been returned" and that there is basically nothing more that they can do. I've checked, double checked, triple checked my PayPal account - no July payment received from Alamy and nothing wrong with the account itself, been paid before and after by Alamy, as well as from a range of other places. I feel unsupported and confused in this matter. Obviously I want my earnings, every $ counts, as well as it makes me worried about future payments. I'm also puzzled that Alamy isn't more concerned that a payment that according to them they have sent didn't make it to it's intended recipient - basically it has just vanished, of course they haven't lost anything, I'm the one out of pocket, but still I would like to think that it would be of importance/joint interest that money paid out to contributors actually reaches them? Does anyone have any advice as to what I can do? I'm stumped at this moment in time.
  9. Hi, I 'm a newbie! How do I view my payment details? When I go to my account it just says payment transfer but no idea to where?! I don't think I have added my payment details (I joined in 2016 originally but just activated, uploaded and passed QC today) I would like payment to my bank account or Paypal, is this possible? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi I sold a picture 12th Jan and haven’t been paid yet. I understand buyers can change their mind but there hasnt been a refund. I understand also about the monthly pay run so I expected to get paid end of Feb. Then I read that alamy only pay when funds from buyer have cleared, I guess that makes sense. What I dont know is alamy’s credit terms for buyers. How long do buyers get to settle up? I’ve read everything on the FAQ cant find the answer. thanks
  11. I know this may sound strange, but I'd like to set a higher payment threshold in My Alamy. Though I'm happy I have to do it, since this means there is people who like my photos out there ;), the current threshold of $50 forces me to compile a VAT invoice each month, which is a bit annoying. The possibility to set a higher payment threshold is a common feature, for example, for Google Adsense and affiliate marketing publishers, but I can't find a similar option in My Alamy's dashboard.
  12. What's the least amount anyone has been waiting for a payment? I am currently $0.57 cents short of a payment, I was further away, but the very low sales/income plus hardly any sales in May/June have meant I'm still short and although the previous 3 months had sales, I'm not there, surely no one is closer, or for that length of time? LOL On a good note I had three sales last month, so maybe I'll have a payment in August, if I'm lucky Chris
  13. Hi, just wondering, admittedly without huge experience in Alamy sales, but... some sales have been showing now for 5 months as not yet cleared. My understanding from the Alamy help pages is that essentially customer was billed but hasn't yet paid for the image. The big question is whether it ever clears, as this depends on customer ever paying up... but mainly, in the meantime is customer already using the image? I have to say I find it bizarre that Alamy can leave something unpaid and photographers waiting almost half a year watching uncleared sales on their dashboard, with zero updates or progress whatsoever. Is this normal or just having bad luck AND Alamy not chasing at all the buyers?
  14. Sales amounts confusing me!

    Hello all I uploaded 45 images in August and kind of forgot about them as I had more regular sales from another site. I've logged back in and I have made 7 sales! Woohoo! Here's what it says: Summary for statement period 01 February 16 to 10 January 17 (7 item(s) totalling $44.22) Yet my current cleared balance is only $8. I'd be very grateful if you could help with the following questions: 1) Is that $44.22 mine? Or do Alamy then take my cut from it? 2) Why has only $8 cleared? $27 worth of sales were in October! 3) Is that amount in USD or AUD? I'm based in Australia and can't work out what currency the sales are in. 4) Do people have any opinions on what payment method is best when I reach the threshold? I was going to do bank account, but the information required doesn't quite match up with Australian bank accounts (we don't have swift codes). Thanks in advance! Matt
  15. As a new contributor, I was pleased that I finally reached my first cleared balance above $50 late last week and on my Dashboard, I could see a statement, "We'll pay you on 02 Jan 2017" next to the cleared balance amount. Well, 2 January came and went, and no payment was made. Then I noticed the statement was changed to "We'll pay you on 03 Jan 2017" on my Dashboard. Still, no payment yet. Just a few minutes ago, I noticed that statement was updated to : "We'll pay you on 01 Feb 2017." Since this is my first time receiving payment from Alamy, I wonder if this sort of thing happens to other contributors as well? Does Alamy frequently delay paying its contributors? I'm pretty sure I've got my payment method (Paypal) set up properly. So why is this happening?
  16. Cleared Funds

    Why does it take so long to clear funds. Almost 9 months for 3- $150.00 sales
  17. Earlier today it stated that I'd get paid on Dec 1st, now it says Jan 1st! On Jan 1st will it say Feb 1st! Anyone else?
  18. New payment threshold?

    I noticed that the threshold for pay out seems to have reduced to $50, from $75. At least that is what it says on My Alamy this morning.
  19. Hi My Alamby balance finally crossed $75 for the firstg time and I was due to be paid $85.65 today into my UK £GBP bank account. How long does this take? "Total sales: $171.26 Commission / charges: $-85.61 Total payments to you: $-85.65 Balance carried forward: $0.00 Cleared balance: $0.00 Next payment date: Not due Should it arrive the same day, or is there a standard timescale of which I should be aware? Many thanks.
  20. June payment delay?

    It's been almost 40 days since I recieved "Alamy has paid you" e-mail and still no payment on my PayPal account. I have sent two e-mails to "Alamy meber services" and both answers were that they will check with their finance team. Last answer was on 30th of June. Does anyone else have the same problem?
  21. I am new here and I'm still trying to find my way around. I tried to find past threads about filling in the Alamy model release section about payment but I couldn't find anything and was hoping someone could give me some advice about how they fill that part in. The part that I am curious about is where it states 'for good and valuable Consideration of ..........., herein acknowledged as received'. I can see if I hire a model, but, what if I make a photograph of someone on the street or at a festival? Is it customary to offer them money? What is normally put in this section if it's just a spur of the moment shoot? Thank you for any advice or tips. Tony
  22. Payment delay?

    I just noticed my payment hasn't gone through to my bank this month yet, usually it would be there around 6th -7th of the month. Has anyone else noticed a delay?