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Hello everyone,


There are so many beautiful photos and skilled photographers here that I feel very small.  But full of inspiration.


I started taking photos to go with my writing, but lately, I've been focusing more on photography and finding beauty in mundane tasks. 


After working on composition for a few years and finally felt that my skills were enough to invest in an interchangeable lens camera (I also needed better quality files for magazines and printed material).  I love it!  There is so much more to learn that I feel a huge sinkhole has opened up in front of me and I just want to jump in.  Having the dials on the outside of the camera so I don't have to navigate through half a dozen menus just to change the shutter speed fills me with joy.


There is so much more to learn before I can make a photo good enough for someone to buy, but I'm enjoying uploading them and learning about keywords and stuff.


A small question - is there any crop ratios that are preferred?  I'm using 3:2 because that was the default setting.  I'm wondering if I should expand my world and try some other numbers... but there are so many to choose from.  Can you suggest a reference I might read?

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