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  1. I know it's frustrating, but it sounds like the system worked as designed. I'm a weekend uploader so I usually have several "batches" waiting for QC, but once QC gets to them on Monday, they process all the images in one go. If one image in the queue gets rejected, they all get rejected. It's tough punishment, but fair. We all get the same treatment and the pain of such utter rejection reminds us not to make the same mistake again. Suggestions - have a look at why it was rejected. What steps can you take to prevent that issue in the future? When I first started, I failed QC terribly. Each failure, I took a few moments to nurse my wounded pride, had a cuppa tea, then spent hours with google discovering what these people at QC were talking about. Then I went out with my camera for more hours until I could reliably not make that same mistake again. Then tried uploading again. Pass. I haven't had a problem getting through QC for months now (touch wood), but I'm probably erring on the side of caution and rejecting images that are borderline okay. I want to make life as easy as possible for the QC teem to press "approved".
  2. I'm fortunate to be coming to stock photography as an absolute beginner. I think people who know a lot about photography are confident in their method and have trouble adjusting to new criteria. When I first began, I spent months reading the forums, tutorials, and terms and conditions. I didn't understand much, but I figure it was good to learn how the system works. The advantage of being a beginner means I don't know the way it is supposed to work so I could focus on adapting my behaviour to make the system happy. It took a lot of different attempts to understand what I was doing wrong, but I could see that lots of people had no problem with the system, so it must be something I can improve. On the whole, I like the Alamy method of rejecting the entire batch if one photo is bad. It makes me more careful to check the photos I submit.
  3. I wonder if that's the problem. Someone else is hogging the bandwidth? My friends with laptops/phones talk about this bandwidth hogging as being a big problem in public spaces like cafes and hotels. Apparently people were abusing free internet to mine for coins??? (whatever that is) or upload youtube videos because they were too cheep to buy enough bandwidth (if that is the word - amount of internet ) at home. Some providers limit the amount of uploading available per month. Once they reach a certain limit, the upload speed slows right down. Another issue we used to have when we lived in the city was the internet getting much slower in the peak times when people came home from work. The internet was fastest between 2am and 6am - but that was over 10 years ago. How is it today? (start of the month) I didn't see the results of the speed test. It's the fastest way to tell if it's the equipment or the internet. To do a speed test, I google "internet speed test" then usually do two or three tests because there can be a lot of variation between the different tests. (one currently says I have 8 units of internet download, when I should have 300 units, so I looked up where that tester thingy is and they have a power outage but all the others say I have 300+ units of internet download and 20-40 units upload).
  4. Are you suggesting the customer needs to sharpen the image? I've been thinking of buying stock for my next book, and the idea of having to do anything other than crop is dreadful! For my last book I didn't know what sharpen even was and I paid a professional to handle all the image stuff. I can't imagine paying someone for an image and then having to pay my person to edit that image. That's way too much expense and publishing margins are not big enough for that. Worse if I had to spend time to edit an image myself - time is my most limited resource. If I'm going to pay money for an image, certain if I'm paying Alamy prices, then I'm not going to buy an image that needs spit and polish.
  5. I suspect it's easier for a novice photographer to improve their skills to pass Quality Control than for a professional to alter their style to meet the needs of the site. Once you know what you're doing, you get ideas of the correct way to do things and it takes a lot of adjusting to understand a new correct way.
  6. I think it took me three tries to make it through the initial test. Each time, it took a while for me to understand what the suggestions were and to learn how not to make those mistakes. Eventually I understood. But I'm quite new at photography so I have a lot to learn. Keep trying, you'll get there.
  7. I love the system they have here! So fast to upload photos and so easy.
  8. Thanks for the advise. When I looked closer, I only liked one photo enough to upload it. I need more practice.
  9. This is a great question. I love the keyword part. It's just like that game we played in creative writing class in High school where you have 60 seconds to come up with the most unique and relevant words about a photo. I loved that game but I got points off for bad spelling. This is what I've been doing (I haven't sold anything yet, so it might be an example of the wrong way): When the photo is new, I try to get at least 20 really obvious keywords, often more. Then on rainy days or insomniac hours when I cannot go outside and take photos, I come back to my photos and select the ones with orange line (poor discoverability) and do deeper research. I might search on Alamy to see if I can find a photo like mine (and I'm never sure if I should be happy or sad when mine's the only one that comes up) and see what keywords the others are using. Or I might search for the item on wiki and mine the article for keywords. I like having all my images with the green line because I'm obsessive that way. But I know I'll have plenty of rainy days once winter decides to settle in when I can upgrade my keywords. But I also don't want to put irrelevant words. Waste of valuable word space. That said, the photos I took where I can't find anything like it on Alamy, I take more time to get as many relevant keywords in there right away. I've also just discovered Alamy Measures yesterday and found some areas where people are clicking my images AND there are only a few hundred images (maybe 80% of them are related to the search words) come up. So I'm going to focus on images related to that and give them more keyword love and research (find the latin name for the plant they searched and stuff like that)
  10. I wish I could help but I don't know anything about these. But when I'm looking to make a big purchase I usually see if my local library has one I can borrow or somewhere in town has one to rent. Then I borrow/rent it and play with it to see what features I want or hate in that item. It gives me a better idea of what I need for when I make the purchases. Sorry I can't be more help.
  11. Nice video. thanks for posting. I liked this one: It's not as good as the one you shared, but it's a good starting place.
  12. Nice photos. Have a look at this one: https://www.alamy.com/fe-sony-glasses-image271617668.html You call it "property no". The Sony logo shows, so I suspect "yes" and maybe mark it as editorial only. Maybe, someone, more experienced, can chime in here? Title: "FE Sony Glasses" Can you tell us more about this "glasses"? (hint, glasses are the things we wear on our face to see better) Maybe this is a lens? Maybe it has some special qualities? It's black. What's it's the focal length? It's wearing the lens cap, and the lens cap has a word on it. Go to google and try to find a photo similar to this one. What words did you use? Keywords: Is it really amazing, authenticity, awesome, bealpha, beautiful, bright, colorful, fe, incredible? Do your keywords fit your picture? If not, you might run afoul of the algorithm. Every couple of weeks, I'll visit the Alamy homepage and try searching for my photos using keywords ie "black sony 50mm lens" and see if mine shows up on the first page of the search. If not, then I know it's worth spending some time improving my keywords. It's also worth having a glance at the keywords the top photos had for inspiration.
  13. Beautiful! Overall, the photos look a bit dark. It might be good to work on the keywords and title a bit. An example: https://www.alamy.com/many-american-white-pelicans-are-standing-near-pond-with-greenery-all-around-image331568707.htm "many American white pelicans are standing near pond with greenery all around." I don't know if Alamy uses the title in the search algorithm. But they might, so it's good to be as accurate as possible. You have three birds. Not 'many'. White = good Pelicans - what is their biological name? What variety of pelicans? Standing - are they? One is. One is preening, one is flapping. One is standing on a branch. Near - not a great SEO (goolelove) word. Beside is better. Pond - what pond? Where is the pond? Tell us about the pond. Greenery - not something someone would search for. What kind of plants? Tropical, subtropical? Can you identify one of the plants? Are they broadleaf, disidious, coniferous, annuals, perennials, trees, bushes, decorative? Many of your keywords aren't relevant: Sky, romance, swan... Longterm, this will damage your ability to show up when customers search for images of pelicans. Conclusion: beautiful photos. Maybe up the exposure a bit and spend some more time on keywords and titles.
  14. That's impressive! Thanks for showing how it can look. I'm still undecided which image software I will get. I understand adobe is big, and there are lots of classes (the library has free Linda classes which work well for my brain). But, I rebel against subscriptions. My graphic designer friend says gimp has professional abilities, but there are fewer tutorials. I'm going to learn more before investing in this area. Maybe find a class. At the moment, I'm learning my camera. When I'm feeling confident there, I will have good photos for learning editing.
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