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How to open Sony raw files on a Mac

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I have just downloaded 400 raw images from my Sony rx 100 m1 to my mini mac, the thumbnails all show fine and the image opens in preview but when I try to open the file in adobe raw I get the message that it is not supported really do not understand what is going on! worse still I have deleted the images from my card.

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Nick, you'll need a raw file processor that supports those files. Check with Adobe to make sure you have the latest version. You should also take a look at the disc that came with the camera. It should come with Capture1. Many people including myself would say that when it comes to raw file development, this is a step up from Adobe. 


Best of luck and tell us how it goes.

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The other way to deal with this is to get Adobe's DNG converter and run the files through that (but do keep the original raw files).  Capture 1 Express for Sony is generally up to date on all Sony file types.   If you're running older Adobe or older Lightroom, maybe time to consider either switching to another program or updating those.


Thumbnails are all jpegs, so they'll show fine.


If Preview won't display the raws either, you'll also need to update your Mac OS.


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