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Image time travel to 1900-1905, the golden years of photography

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Has everyone else just had editorial website usages dropping in with a start date 01 Jan 1900 and end date 01 Jan 1905?


Of course there is a chance that the dusty Kodak Brownie in my grandfather's camera collection did produce some extraordinary shots, which are now finally being paid for (we all know that some publications like to take a flexible approach to reporting sales and Alamy payment terms).


But I suspect it is more likely that this is a bug or error.  Is it one specific publication/publisher?

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19 minutes ago, Avpics said:

I had some live news images with that yesterday afternoon. I may have pushed the one hour 'rule' somewhat


True, they may have been ancient live news usages. Thing is - without the correct usage date range, I can't tell.


Perhaps I unknowingly captured Jacob RM going past in his horse drawn carriage.



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