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Now it's my turn :)

Emeryk III

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Images look good, but you need to flush out your keywords.


I took a quick look at your image of the male and female lion and you haven't included the female lion in your keywords.  You should also add:


two lions, female lion, lioness, male and female lion, lion and lioness, captivity, lions in captivity, lions in zoo, lion in zoo, lions in zoos , lions, panthera leo (add in keywords as well as caption).  Gotta think like a buyer and what they would type in the search box looking for your subject.


Didn't look at any other images, but always think like a buyer and remember many buyers will type in the plural form of a word when they really only want an image of one, so always add the plural.



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Some great looking photos (particularly on the first page of your portfolio) but clicking on your "Number of images" to see them in the order they have been uploaded I'm seeing rather too much repetition. e.g. several similar shots of a twig. I would suggest that you be a bit more selective in what you upload, choose the best from a group, or shots of the same subject that are quite different in viewpoint or style. Where possible, and it's not always,  I try to include both a landscape and portrait composition.


I just looked at one image for a set of keywords - people selling vegetables in what appears to be the entrance to an underground station or similar. While most of your keywords are fine, you have included the word architecture, but I don't see why it is needed in that instance. Someone searching for architecture in a given location is surely going to be looking for characteristic or landmark buildings, not people selling veg on a concrete stairway.


Both of these traits - excessive duplication and spam keywords, will harm your CTR and may result in fewer views - having said that, if you are selling well, and you do have some stunning photos, it probably doesn't matter!

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I like your images, quite commercial.  The issue is, as noted above, keywords.  In my view too many generic keywords such as the year.  Also some keywords could be useful added, such as your red smoke saturated demonstration, I may have missed it but no mention of red smoke flare etc,   


You should do OK on here, interesting, well shot images

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