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Can anyone identify this ground nesting wasp/bee. It was taken in Loughborough UK


The Alamy number is T51N6M. I cant get the picture on here, is that possible?






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Hi Harvey 


You need to obtain the address of the image when you can post it using the Insert other media tab. Once upon a time you could do this by right clicking on the image in Alamy, but no more. I recall someone more knowledgeable than me posting that, in Windows, if you drag the image to the top of the screen so that it forms a new tab, then you can right click and obtain the address. Alternatively you can delve Into the html code of the source page to find the address. It's better to use a customer's search to obtain the image, as you will then be able to access a larger file, rather than use Image Manager.


Finally I don't think that this is the place to ask an identification question, this section of the forum is intended for portfolio review.

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OP, if you haven't tagged the image, it won't have gone on sale so we won't be able to find it.

Click on the little + on the thumbnail in your Image Manager, then right-click on the image, select "copy image location" and paste that into your post. This will only give us an image about 800px wide though.

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