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Is this a greenhouse?

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Took this pic when in Toronto. For those of you who know the city, it is outside the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Bremmer Blvd.  I am pretty sure it is a greenhouse, but don't want to call it something it isn't. I have hunted online and can't seem to find any reference. Even Google maps doesn't say what it is. and the Convention Centre doesn't mention it.


There is a close-up as well.


What do you think? Can't quite see inside it enough to be sure.





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It's not a greenhouse, but a skylight for the conference rooms below.


Thank you.  I'm surprised the convention centre doesn't mention it in its website.  Had it in my "not ready" section of manage images for about a week trying to find out exactly.  I had meant to go in and check it out when we came down from the top of the Convention Centre, but I got distracted and totally forgot to.


Thanks a mil



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