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Stromer - new to photography


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I am new to photography and I am excited to be here.

I posted a few pictures to get started.

I am just starting to learn how to use the camera.

I have a Canon EOS Rebel T7i.

I also installed Gimp 2.8 software that I am beginning to learn how to use.

I simply used the automatic settings for these pictures and did not edit them.

Please feel free to critique any photos I post. I would appreciate all the help I can get.

I live in Houston, TX, but I travel all over the US for work.

Thank You

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No buyer will ever buy your first two images - they promise a bridge that isn't there! You can't be lazy about captions and keywords - all three of your images have the same captions/keywords but relate to different subjects. The key to being seen by buyers is your captions and keywords. You're competing with millions you have to find a way to have your images seen.

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The photos that come out of the camera as shot are are usually not good enough to publish. You need to learn how to correct contrast, color, and rotation at the least. You also need to learn how to shoot in RAW file format and then convert to TIF and JPEG. This will give you the ability to correct for bad lighting and color temperature.

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The reality is you are new to photography, you need time to build up your art of seeing, need time to build your style of photography, need time to find your subject of interest. I can't say for how many years depending how often you are activitely shooting. Technology aside, learn to see, have visualisation is more important. 

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Congratulations on getting the first three pictures through the quality control or QC process.


The reality is ALAMY is not a photography school. It is in business to sell pictures.


Each submission you make will go through a QC process. If the inspector finds a fault your whole batch will be rejected, the inspectors do not have alot of time so their feed back is quite short, they are not tutors. With limited experience you may get quite a few knock backs,  it would be a shame if that experience put you off photography.


My recommendation is to get some more experience outside of Alamy, by all means submit some pictures, but put most of your effort into learning the craft.











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Hi Stromer,


Looks like you've made the same error many of us have made when adding keywords and captions. You need to deselect the first image (click on it again) before adding a caption and keywords to the second image. For some weird reason Alamy feel this is the better way for their user Interface to operate but, because it's unconventional, it catches many out (me included).


Although there's much truth in the comments above, IMHO the picture of the bridge looks saleable. There are also successful contributors here selling jpg images taken straight from the camera. However, it's a very competitive marketplace and shooting in RAW and learning how to edit your images will give you the flexibility to improve your images further and possibly get some sales. But, bear in mind the average rate of sale from contributors who report on this forum is only around 1-2 sales per month for every 1,000 images on sale at Alamy, and sales can take 3 months or more to be reported. If you don't really know what you're doing, it can be a heck of a lot of work for very little return, and not easy to learn from your mistakes until it's too late. Make sure you know how to view and interpret the reports of your views and zooms using Alamy measures.


Besides making sure you only have the right images selected when keywording, you also need to be more careful e.g. there are no "tacks" in the image of the bridge, and you should consider adding some other keywords like rail, railway, metal, also perhaps add the name of the river it crosses and the name of the railway line.



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my 3 cents.... shoot raw... edit your photos... if you dont want to spend money on photo editing software, try something like dark table. Watch youtube videos on editing. Watch a LOT of you tube videos. lol.

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