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  1. In Burlington, Iowa? Maybe something with monster trucks or hog farmers. Actually some of the news shots get recycled as re-edited Ansel-ish stuff.
  2. The Midwest rain stopped for a few hours today. The really good news is that I sold another Biden yesterday. The bad news is that is was for $3 dollars.
  3. I do mostly politics and public events. COVID has taken away most of my business for the past year. Birds and flowers do not pay the bills.
  4. Because of the Getty and AP duopoly in the United States I doubt that there are many other options.
  5. https://www.alamy.com/mediacomp/imagedetails.aspx?ref=2F7NNKC
  6. At one time in the UK police used the Terrorism act of 2000 and Section 44 laws to harass photographers in a fashion similar to Patriot Act harassment in the United States. Those arrests seldom hold up in court.
  7. Probably the biggest issue with animals and wildlife is that there are already millions of images out there. To get a sale the image has to be very good and very unique. Also be careful about zoo photos. Zoo animals are property. Unless you have a signed release the images have to be editorial use only. Zoo owners often have additional rules about photography on the back of the admission ticket.
  8. I have been dealing with this issue for years because I am willing to do politics and social unrest in the United States. The most likely thing to be a problem are children in the background of a photo with parents wailing and moaning about pedophiles. I usually wear an NPPA press tag and my response is usually "You can call the police if you think a crime has been committed." Do not argue with the public about the legality or ethics of photography. It is over their heads. Dealing with police is a different situation and I am only using the United States as an example. Always know exactly w
  9. I do very little photo printing and can not justify the investment in a photo printer that has to be calibrated and maintained. I use a professional online lab for the few occasions where I need prints.
  10. Any time I have had an image sale refunded to the customer it was because they bought a different type of license within a short period of time.
  11. I have never had a royalty free sale on Alamy and only use RF for images without persons or real property that I don't think would have a high monetary value.
  12. The photos that come out of the camera as shot are are usually not good enough to publish. You need to learn how to correct contrast, color, and rotation at the least. You also need to learn how to shoot in RAW file format and then convert to TIF and JPEG. This will give you the ability to correct for bad lighting and color temperature.
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