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Alex Ramsay


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17 hours ago, Alex Ramsay said:

Has anyone any idea how to identify which programme/channel a TV use was for?




Watch a helluvalot of television 😉


I gave up finding out which German channel bought two of my images some months ago.



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Identifying a TV usage is almost impossible, unless you strike lucky and spot your own image in a programme. Usages are almost always credited at the end of the programme, but only ever mentioning the agency and not the creative artist. In some documentaries dozens of still images may be used and it would take one very dedicated individual to trawl through them an identify the source agency.


The nearest thing to a light at the end of the tunnel is that the BBC quiz 'Pointless' often uses Alamy images. A typical episode uses up to five still images in a particular round (the head-to-head), so it is relatively easy to look on Alamy to see where they came from. I admit I have pondered the possibility of starting a 'Seen on Pointless' thread, but have always shied away from the commitment of keeping it up - I do not have the unflinching dedication which Bryan for so long showed with the Times (thank you Byran, we still miss you after your 'retirement' following the Live News debacle). Episodes of Pointless are available to UK viewers on the BBC iPlayer.

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