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$ 1.27 Sale, perpetual license?

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I have the same question but my image is used for electronic commercial. It's a five year old image (FAB4GA) of a Swedish singer. My first thought was who uses such an old image for commercial use? I am also confused about the time period. First it says from 2019 to 2024 but then it says "duration in perpetuity"??


Country: Worldwide
Usage: Commercial electronic
Media: Website, app and social media
Industry sector: Entertainment & Leisure
Image Size: Any size
Start: 01 March 2019
End: 01 March 2024
Single placement and design, duration in perpetuity

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16 hours ago, vpics said:

I opted out of Novel Use earlier this month and now I have a NU sale. This is not right. My image has been restricted for this use. 

Alamy has already explained this.

Surely you know that sales take some months to report. How could the buyer predict that you would restrict the image after he had downloaded it?

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Reading on the T's&C's of Novel Use, I don't see it listed anywhere that the prices would be lower in this category. I can gather that it might be implied in the language, but is that sufficient to legally consider us warned? "You have: 1. Increased sales opportunities. 2. The chance to sell to new and exciting markets"

Where is the proper definition and who decides if a photo qualifies for Novel Use and why the buyer would be able to use the photo in perpetuity when paying so little?


The UK Newspaper description states it clearly: "Important Points: This may result in average prices lower than previously attained."



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there is a lot of it about: I pulled several hundred images from an agency so that I could offer them as exclusive to alamy.  the Agency had sold about 6 images over the last year ( and not informed me ) for very silly money through sub agency use via Getty.  something like £5.00 per sale and I was getting 10% after distributors took there cut.  This sort of fee sadly is the norm these days for some situations!


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