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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, I just got a notification of a $ 1.27 sale, with a perpetual license... Is that normal? I've seen a few single digit sales lately, but never in the $1 range! Is Alamy now playing in the microstock pool? I don't even see where you can buy my image at that price! Any help would be much appreciated!
  2. So it happened, hard to believe - last sale is $3,29 through distributor, gives me $0,99. It's less than 1 (one) dollar... Royalty Free license, here, on Alamy, not on microstock... Disappointed, confused, shocked,... Find no words seeing what's going on...
  3. How about tiered pricing? Might it not make sense to allow photographers or Alamy staff to set pricing. I understand that supply and demand might make even a really nice photo of a very popular subject sell for very little. But what about subjects for which there is virtually no competition? For example, I'd be interested in hiring a plane and getting aerial shots above my region. But I could spend $500. Based on previous experience I often see my photos sell for just a few dollars each. Sometimes sales are for "real money" but not that often. Also some contributors have unique niches. As
  4. This morning one of my RF images was sold. I don't have many RF images but those are the ones that I put as RF at the beginning of my Alamy history. My first sale ever many years ago was in fact a RF (39MB) which was sold for $295.00. Over the years, I sold a few RFs in the range from $87.31 (1MB) to just under $300 but again the price was declining. I looked up my sales history and last year a RF(69MB) was sold for $134.07. This morning I was rather bemused to see the sale of this RF (69MB) for $29.00 because the following details were attached to this sale. Is this a RF or a RM s
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