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  1. Reading on the T's&C's of Novel Use, I don't see it listed anywhere that the prices would be lower in this category. I can gather that it might be implied in the language, but is that sufficient to legally consider us warned? "You have: 1. Increased sales opportunities. 2. The chance to sell to new and exciting markets" Where is the proper definition and who decides if a photo qualifies for Novel Use and why the buyer would be able to use the photo in perpetuity when paying so little? The UK Newspaper description states it clearly: "Important Points: This may result in average prices lower than previously attained."
  2. That is really discouraging. I've had 4 sales under $10 in the last 3 months, but the $1.27 was the lowest of them all... The reason I signed up for Alamy was because I expected a higher return. I've closed a bunch of low performing micro stock accounts I had as the effort to submit wasn't worth the payout. If things continue like that with Alamy, with only a few tiny sales a month, I may have to close this account too...
  3. Hi all, I just got a notification of a $ 1.27 sale, with a perpetual license... Is that normal? I've seen a few single digit sales lately, but never in the $1 range! Is Alamy now playing in the microstock pool? I don't even see where you can buy my image at that price! Any help would be much appreciated!
  4. Hi all, Yes, I do know that they are a British company. But the US regulations are quite strict and the IRS requires transparency from businesses who work with American residents. It's a burden but most companies comply with it. My french bank has to report my account to the IRS... So I was under the assumption that Alamy would do the same. All the other sites I work with report my earnings on a 1099 which I then use for my taxes. Sounds like I'll just have to do the math. But now I know and that's what I needed. Thanks everyone!
  5. Hello everyone, I'm new to Alamy, last year was my first year contributing here (but I've been contributing to other microstock sites for a while) so I'm not familiar with how Alamy reports taxes for the US residents. Can anyone help me figure it out? I can't find a link to anything on the website that resembles a tax center like other microstock sites have, where I can download my 1099. Do they get mailed to you? If yes, have you gotten yours yet? It's getting late in the tax season and I'm concerned that I haven't gotten mine yet. Thanks in advance, Svetlana
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