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  1. I haven't checked on Bing in a while, thanks for that mention! I'll give it a shot
  2. The per-use licensing is a very interesting point indeed! I've found many of my images used repeatedly by the same news site and I was wondering myself whether or not it was worth looking into. Maybe it is. I'll see if I can get any of these tracked to those where I had a small number of sales, to make it easier to validate with the agency. Thanks @Sally As for the Google alert, what I found interesting was that Pixsy hasn't picked up any of the uses that I have found on Google myself, either manually or through an alert. I thought that was odd! Has that also your been your experience or
  3. This is really interesting. It would help me avoid the possible charges for false positives. I'll dig into their rules or get that answer in writing from them myself. Might be good. I guess this could alert the user to buy a license or take the image down but I imagine having a screenshot would be proof of past use which would still be a valid case. Thanks for the tip, @Andy G!
  4. That is super helpful, thanks for all the advice, @geogphotos! I did notice a lot of scraper/news aggregator sites in the matches and in fact I submitted a claim for one of them, where they even modified the image. We'll see if that gets kicked back but it's good advice going forward, I'll probably stay away from these. I also found a few that are distributed on what appears to be either illegitimate or reseller stock sites so for those I did contact the agency where I think the image came from, I hope the agency can help clear that up. It's great to know that Pixsy would give you a
  5. Thanks for this comment, this is probably the best suggestion I've gotten so far - looking at the watermark modifications could be a good indicator of illegal use. Also, good note on their fees for wrongful cases. I was actually digging into it and couldn't find anything specific in their T's & C's describing these fees. Sent them an email but haven't heard back yet. I pushed through 2 cases that I "feel strongly" about, but I guess we'll see!
  6. I understand all that and I'm not asking for why this can't be done. I'm asking for "best practices" form people who have successfully used these services. I'd love to hear from those people, if anyone has been able to successfully apply these use cases. If no one has figured it out, no reply here is also fine
  7. What I was hoping for was that these services provided some sort of a license checking mechanism. As a contributor, I don't get the details of where a specific photo sold by, say, Shutterstock or Adobe Stock is approved to be used. While I do track my sales and know how many times each image has been sold and for how much, I don't have a way of cross referencing that with the destination those sales went to. The best I've been able to do is mark the matches on the legitimate stock agencies I'm contributing to directly as Approved. But that's about all I'm finding I'm able to do...
  8. Gotcha, that makes sense, thank you. I don't have any RM images myself, so I'm finding it to be much trickier
  9. I don't think that would scale for hundreds and thousands of images I'm reviewing for legitimacy of use...
  10. Well, that's not very helpful... As Pixsy is a service aimed at professional photographers, and many photographers here are using it, I imagine there are ways to use it successfully.
  11. Hi, I know some of you use Pixsy & Copytrack to catch infringements. I just signed up myself. Would appreciate if someone could share your tips on determining whether an image has been used legitimately or not. My images are regularly sold by multiple stock agencies. Some of them have thousands of downloads. How would I go about tracking down the use that doesn't come from these authorized transactions? It is physically impossible for me to know whether a given match shows a legitimate use of my image or not. Any tips would be much appreciated!
  12. I just noticed that DACS lists websites as a source of a publication for Part 1 of the claims. Has anyone claimed royalties for photos published on a website? That will be quite a bit of work if I tried to dig up the photos published on any and all websites...
  13. Thanks to everyone who chimed in! That's what I thought as well I'll add the new ones only then.
  14. Quick question on the logistics, do you resubmit the same books year after year? I only submitted a direct claim once last year and now I'm wondering if I should repeat the same books I listed already in my new claim. Unsure how the claim works if it's tied to the amount of books sold (meaning more royalties could come in in subsequent years) or just the single instance ISBN (one-time royalty).
  15. I may have misunderstood that, apologies then. But, obviously, it's late to claim direct for this year. I was trying to assess if my not having payment by now meant that it wasn't coming at all, if everyone has already gotten theirs.
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