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  1. I just noticed that DACS lists websites as a source of a publication for Part 1 of the claims. Has anyone claimed royalties for photos published on a website? That will be quite a bit of work if I tried to dig up the photos published on any and all websites...
  2. Thanks to everyone who chimed in! That's what I thought as well I'll add the new ones only then.
  3. Quick question on the logistics, do you resubmit the same books year after year? I only submitted a direct claim once last year and now I'm wondering if I should repeat the same books I listed already in my new claim. Unsure how the claim works if it's tied to the amount of books sold (meaning more royalties could come in in subsequent years) or just the single instance ISBN (one-time royalty).
  4. I may have misunderstood that, apologies then. But, obviously, it's late to claim direct for this year. I was trying to assess if my not having payment by now meant that it wasn't coming at all, if everyone has already gotten theirs.
  5. If I believe the Alamy FAQ here, there is no place for me to opt in, so I don't think I missed anything: https://www.alamy.com/contributor/faqs/most-frequently-asked-questions/?section=9 Q. I would like you to claim DACS payments from Alamy sales, how do I do this?A. You don’t need to do anything. Unless you opted out for DACS Payback by the 30th July 2016 (see contributor contract clause 28 and 28.1) then we’ll automatically claim for all eligible licenses on your behalf. Q. I had to sign a form last year, do you need a form from me this year?A. DACS have changed the way they want u
  6. Has everyone gotten their payout from Alamy? Is it now safe to say that if I didn't, nothing has been claimed? I'm thinking I should register direct next year as I certainly found publications but nothing has been deposited into my account. Probably easier to pinpoint these to DACS directly
  7. Does anyone know if there is a similar process for the US-based publications?
  8. We may have different upbringings. But yes, I find it rude to reiterate something that's been said, without adding anything new. It is pretty much the same as calling the person you are addressing an idiot for not being able to understand that from reading it once. Call me strange, but I don't do that to other people. Now, how constructive was your trolling? It was not. So may I suggest we stick to the topic of the conversation?
  9. That's a great advice! I can work on that before end of year, to claim direct for the 2020 sales then. Thanks a lot for the help, @Bryan
  10. @Colblimp, I saw that. But given that Bryan said "As I understand it", I'm looking to have that validated. Don't think it's that productive to copy/paste the answers that were already given. Actually, I find that rude.
  11. Thanks for the explanation, Bryan! Do I need to do anything on my end to allow Alamy to claim it on my behalf? I don't recall receiving anything from them asking my permission, so I wonder if I need to initiate it. I don't work with Alamy exclusively, and I don't know of an easy way to track the use in print, so I can't even imagine how I'd go about registering with DACS directly, if I have to provide the info on the use of my images first... Any ideas would be much appreciated!
  12. Can someone on this thread explain how this works for the Alamy contributors? Do I have to sign up for something? I read info in the link that was shared here, but seems like it would be difficult for me to hunt down any existing publications to present as proof, so I'm interested in the non-direct route. Appreciate the help!
  13. That's a helpful perspective. I haven't considered clients reviewing/rejecting proposals. Makes sense that it could take time. I think I'll continue to observe the frequency and if it continues to grow, I might flag it to Alamy. Thanks for your help, Joseph
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