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  1. After almost six months of wait I have now reported an unregistered use of my image MPJDY3 (as I wrote about before). Hope someone will answer.
  2. Well, 9 days after my post here one of the images appeared in my sales. I think I wait for the other image to see if it can become a record holder as the slowest sale.
  3. It's not the first time but now again I can't even see the sales of two of my images I found over three month ago here MPJDY3 and here EDXXPJ.
  4. Thanks! It seems to be the same service as the Swedish one. I wonder if foreign photographers can apply. I'll look into it more.
  5. Hi! Alamy's policy to not reveal any information about where my images have been published can actually make me lose income. In Sweden there is something called "Individuell reprografiersättning", directly translated "individual reprography compensation". The Swedish organisation Bildsupphovsrätt pays every year different kinds of extra compensation to photographers when their images have been used in media, in schools when copying newspapers or books, when a municipality, county council, church or public institution buys and shows your photos and etc. I have sold several images to
  6. I didn't misunderstand but thought Alamy had many more private customers. Then we have all the other b2b customers. Only in Sweden there are about 4500 magazines and newspapers. Of course many have their own photographers but it is still a large number only here. Then we have all the other countries and other sorts of customers in other categories and businesses for commercial or non-commercial use. I'm not sure in how many countries Alamy is represented but perhaps it's not as large company as I imagined.
  7. But each dealership has many customers. If I understand correctly 100 000 is the total number of customers, not distributors. Alamy also sells licences for personal use.
  8. I read that Alamy has only 100 000 customers worldwide?? No wonder we earn so little and they've been in trouble. I thought they had millions of customers.
  9. I'm already on Flickr and pay for a yearly pro subscription since they started to limit the free accounts. Another thing people may not know is how Disney has handled the situation. No member of Your shot has got any messages about the shutdown, besides the pop-up window when you visit the site. Many don't even know yet that the site will disappear next month. Also there have been no discussions or suggestions about how we could solve the problem. Many members are willing to pay for a subscription like Flickr's to keep the site alive but they have just closed the door and thrown away the key.
  10. I think I have explained enough but I guess if one never has been a part of Yourshot or similar communities and is only interested in selling photos and not the other aspects mentioned above it can be difficult to understand what it is about. Then it’s easy to see the Yourshot site and community only as a place where people ”living under a rock” ”give away their pictures”. No, I haven’t been living under a rock or a fool giving away my photos for free, and neither all the other well-know and professional photographers at Yourshot from around the world. I use Alamy for selling image
  11. Yourshot is purely a photo community, not a photo agency like Alamy. You don't sell or buy anything. It is National Geographic's portal for common people all around the world who are interested in the art of photo, offering everyone a chance to participate, get feedback and even get published. Of course if you get published in the paper magazine or their photo books you get compensation. For me it took 2,5 years to be published in a story online for the first time. It was such a honour and the best thing that happened to me as a hobby photographer. Check out their assignments and stories to ge
  12. I didn't find any news discussion threads but thought this was such an important news that all the photography communities should know about. I hope the discussion doesn't get erased and it makes some of you to get involved and help in anyway you can. There are not many news articles about this and the news is spreading slowly but Disney has decided to suddenly shut down this large photo site and also NG Traveler Magazine after October 31th. I've been a member of National Geographic's community Yourshot since 2015 and have been lucky enough to get two of my photos published in their stories
  13. I don't know if anyone has already mentioned this but a true backup should be kept elsewhere than where your actual files are stored. If you only have an external drive as backup at home then everything will be lost in case of a fire or burglary. You should use a cloud service or other solutions in addition to your external storage at home. I use Flickr Pro for my original JPEG files since it's the cheapest service for just storing photos.
  14. I have the same question but my image is used for electronic commercial. It's a five year old image (FAB4GA) of a Swedish singer. My first thought was who uses such an old image for commercial use? I am also confused about the time period. First it says from 2019 to 2024 but then it says "duration in perpetuity"?? Country: Worldwide Usage: Commercial electronic Media: Website, app and social media Industry sector: Entertainment & Leisure Image Size: Any size Start: 01 March 2019 End: 01 March 2024 Single placement and design, duration in perpetuity
  15. I totally agree. That's what is wrong with many companies. They just chase profits and lay off people despite of good profits just to maintain high growth for no good.
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