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  1. File Numbers

    Thank you MDM I have just done that and found the file number. Thats really helpful. I need the original file number to chase an infringer ( privately not via alamy ) and its a lot quicker for me to find the numbers via alamy than going through 5,000 photos every time on several hard drives I need an original file number.
  2. File Numbers

    Thanks john. I have just checked with a recently uploaded image of mine and you are right, my file number is visible but on a particular image that I am trying to get my original file number of it shows the caption in the place where newer images have my own file number. Perhaps I uploaded them without a file number but I am not sure that is possible.
  3. File Numbers

    Is there any way I can find my original file number information on alamy in Alamy Image manager? This used to be possible before the last set of changes to to image manager but I can't see it now. Help anyone ?
  4. Unauthorized use of Alamy Photos

    I have used Imagerights for over a year now and have had three payouts between £100 and £400 for each one with another £300 payout due next month - I know I will get that money. They take a long time to get payment sometimes up to a year and sometimes they give up on infringers who should be chasable but all in all I am happy with them. I have not gone to them with an image that has Alamy plastered across it so obviously so I don't know what the response will be, maybe they will suggest I go through Alamy. I must mention also the apparent USA infringers seem to pay up much more quickly. Imagerights is based in the USA. There is an annual fee to pay and you usually ( but not always ) get around 50% of the money or you can pay an up front fee on a one off basis but there is not guarantee that they will be successful in each case. I get free membership through my web hosting company Pixelrights ( no direct connection inspite of the similarities in the name) Its worth it if you have a lot if images that have been taken. Imagerights can search for them if you upload them to their site or you can just upload an individual infringement to them. Paul
  5. Unauthorized use of Alamy Photos

    Hello Geoff, I am sure you are right but have you every tried to get compensation for such usage? If I don't get anything useful back from member services I'll pass it on to imagerights who have recovered substantial amounts of money for me from other stolen images paul
  6. Unauthorized use of Alamy Photos

    I have just sent this email and link to Member services so I thought other members might be interested as it may well be your photos that have been taken . Hello Whilst searching for photos of mine that have been used without permission I came across this web site, not only is there a photo of mine here that has obviously been used without payment ( image has Alamy stamped across it ) but there are several other photos obviously taken from the Alamy site as well. Are you aware of this and will you be chasing it up, if not I will use Imagerights who I usually use for this. Given that this is commercial use I assume that payment will not be trivial? How To Install Double Glazed Windows How To Install Double Glazed Windows how to install double glazed windows, Installing a rated energy efficient replacement double glazed windows on ... Many thanks Paul Glendell
  7. The Image Manager thread

    The image total will include any images that have been deleted. So if you deleted some from your port, or found you had doubled a submission, then deleted the doubled images, then these all show in your count. I would think the count is more like "images submitted" as opposed to "images on sale". Jill Hello, ,many thanks, that at least answers one of my questions. Although I can't imagine I have deleted 2,000 images from my account ! Why is this information on the dashboard, I/we don't need to know how many images we have put up and taken down. If they have been deleted then presumably it's because we don't need them on alamy any more. Oh well ! Its about five hours since I submitted my question to alamy member services and still no reply. I am at a conference which James West is due to attend on saturday so I'll see what I can find out !
  8. The Image Manager thread

    My Alamy account just went to the new system today and it's a total mess. It is telling me I have over 7,000 images, I have just overy 5,000, if I do a seach for my name it gets the right number. Not sure what the extra 2,000 are. Around 900 images have the wonderful green tag, except that in those images it seems to have added the last lot of keywords to my last submission? I also have to question the reason for having the green orange markers if they are only relevant to the number of keywords. I mean say a robin sat on a tree blue sky background , I challenge anyone to get fifty keywords to go with that, unless you add the keywords from another submission, which is what seems to have happened to me. Anyone else has similar problems re keywords being added to the wrong photos?. I have emailed alamy help so lets see what they come back with.
  9. Slow month?

    "Making judgements about our abilities based on how we do here is like concluding that we lack musical talent because we can't hack it at Eurovision" I couldn't agree more Robert !
  10. Joined the 50 plus club

    I am quite chuffed that I made it to 28 zooms running total a couple of days ago, dropped back a couple today though. Sadly it doesn't seem to be resulting in extra sales but time will tell. paul
  11. Would You Have Known?

    Thanks, that is what I have been doing but this thread just left me confused. I didn't fancy going back through 5,000 images and putting in commas!
  12. Would You Have Known?

    Okay so now I am totally confused: should, I, put, commas, between, each, search, word, or not ?
  13. Scanning Kodachrome Slides

    As the original starter of this thread I can't believe it is still going. I didn't expect it to be such an interesting question. Anyway as a follow up what about black and white net scanning what do people do with that these days. Again, as mentioned above the nikon ( and I expect other ) scanners emphasis the grain so how do you all get around that. Is it possible to digi copy as recommended above by Rober Brooks and then flip it to positive ? If so what software ? Please excuse my ignorance/
  14. Scanning Kodachrome Slides

    By coincidence I have a D800 and in my case a 105 macro so I'll definately have a go at this. I also have lots of medium format stuff to upload so this would be a lot better solution than buying a large format scanner Thanks for the help paul
  15. Scanning Kodachrome Slides

    Thanks to all, the digital duping is not something I had thought of before Robert (Environmental images person I assume?) , I'll look in to it. Shame my old lightbox has just packed up. I'll also look at the cleaning ideas posted above. Regards to all Paul