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Just wanted to post a thumbs-up to Alamy.  I alerted them to abuse of a presentation licence back at the beginning of Nov '18. They resolved this with the buyer at the end of December - the additional fee making the total sale worth more than 5x the original licence fee.


Although it may be difficult to track and prove abuses - and not all such reports have achieved success when reporting to Alamy - I wanted to post thanks when due as well as moans....and also to point out that it is worth hunting these abuses down!

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Good that they have reacted in this case for an excellent outcome but surely the real questions are why did it happen in the first place and what checks have Alamy got in place to check for abuse of sales or do they just rely on the copyright holder to inform them. How many of these are due to deliberate thieving and how many are due to genuine misunderstanding of the licensing conditions,which,in some instances quoted on the forum have clearly bailed the photographer!



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