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Found 4 results

  1. Just wanted to post a thumbs-up to Alamy. I alerted them to abuse of a presentation licence back at the beginning of Nov '18. They resolved this with the buyer at the end of December - the additional fee making the total sale worth more than 5x the original licence fee. Although it may be difficult to track and prove abuses - and not all such reports have achieved success when reporting to Alamy - I wanted to post thanks when due as well as moans....and also to point out that it is worth hunting these abuses down!
  2. Hi Fellow Photographers ... I saw that another patron posted a photo that was rejected and he received lots of great input on how to improve his own QC process. I recently uploaded a photograph I took from a trip to Pompeii. It was one of the Pompeii dogs. I felt the image had excellent quality. The picture was taken with a Canon T6s; ISO 250; 1/200 sec. f/5.6 135mm; file size of 16.3 MB; with a resolution of 6000 x 4000 uncropped or enhanced. The image of the dog and surrounding grass is so clear you can see the individual hairs on the dog, the red stitching on the collar, and the grass seed
  3. This is weird. I previously uploaded photos taken with my iPhone 4s, after upload they still were sharp and clear to see. Now I am uploading with shots taken from an iPhone 6s. After uploading the photos are appearing quite fuzzy. What would cause this? Thank you
  4. Newbie question. It seems to me that while RF license sells images based on size of the image, RM license seems to give buyers the full-size image? I work in Asia, so it seems like a lot of people here could potentially choose the cheapest RM license, get a full size image, then do whatever they want with it. Legal prosecution? People/identities and companies can 'disappear' Plus sometimes your laws just can't reach certain organizations in certain countries. Or am I mistaken somewhere about how this works? Thanks for any feedback.
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