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Incidentally I suspect that you might have accidentally keyworded an image in Lightroom with the capitalised 'People' at some stage, LR will then put that in even though you try 'people'. For me I found that I had to find all images with this keyword, capitalised or not, put them in a temporary Collection created for this purpose, then delete the keyword, both 'people and 'People'. Then just add it again without the capitalisation. Take care though, I wouldn't want to be responsible for messing up your catalogue!

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3 hours ago, MilesbeforeIsleep said:

Thanks.  The keyword function will only allow one entry of either a capitalized or uncapitalized word, but will allow one of each.   That made me suspect that it might matter. 


No it doesn't.


It's very easy to test it for yourself. Enter in the search box:

people = 20,652,469

PEOPLE = 20,652,469


It's just a shortcoming of AIM to allow duplicates in lower and upper case.





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Thanks for the replies, folks.  I am late in responding because Firefox suddenly decided to kill the functionaliity of the sign-in button of the Alamy sign in page, and it took me awhile to figure out what was wrong.  


Yes, my problem was with a capitalizaed "People" in the keyword list---which I normally pay no attention to, and had actually forgot it existed.   I edited "People" to "people" and all is well.  


Thanks.    Now, if I can solve the dead sign-in button in Firefox, I'll have had a successful day.   Really prefer it (most of the time) to Chrome.

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