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  1. Hey Darryl, I have almost the same rig as you, a Dell Inspiron 7577, Intel Core(TM) i7-7700 @ 2.8Ghz, Video card's a GTX 1060. I started with 16Gb memory and went to 32--and I wouldn't bother upping that. I run LOTS of programs at the same time as LR and PS, and have (almost) no issues. I have two SSD 1T drives internal, and would recommend that. I keep all programs on C drive, and all data on D drive, except for all previous years' images on an external drive. Both are currently at a tad less than 50% full. All that I can call an issue is that occasionally, when I
  2. Yeah. "monumental" is an adjective which I hear as meaning 'really big'. But I understand the other usage and will include both. Thanks, guys.
  3. Who knows the proper term for an architectural street sign, such as this? And, what is the proper term describing the type of perspective seen in the sign (and building) here? Knowing the answers to these questions will help me sleep at night--I've been calling the 2nd "diminishing perspective"--which I just made up. Have looked at architectural and drawing terminology terms and found the answer to neither. Grateful for your help. --Michael
  4. Having not taken any editorial images since last March (2020), I'm eager to go, but the majority of images of people will have at least one mask in the scene. And buildings tend to include a sign of some kind regarding covid precautions. This temporary blotch on editorial images is making it hard, I'm sure for all. These 'covid' shots will be worthless in a few months or a year. My whine for the day. Michael
  5. I want to offer a delayed thanks to those who responded to my post--asking about formatting for record album covers. It led in a direction I hadn't asked about--the propriety/legality of uploading album covers at all. Not being a very experienced stock shooter, I was uploading both album covers and books based on the observation of some others' doing so. My looking at the practice from the standpoint of having copyright to any images I take, I failed to see the violation of copyright infringement of the artwork itself. Not a brilliant decision, and it's not one that I thought a lot about
  6. I'm confused by the use of the word "exclusive" in several of these replies. The only option for declaring an image exclusive, to my understanding, pertains to whether or not I'm offering the same image at other stock agencies. How is that a problem for record album cover or book images?
  7. I'm the other Michael in this fray, but I'll answer as well. I shoot on a white or black background, just to give me a clear edge to cut. But I create the image background either by stacking the original image with a plain white image in PS, or just by (in PS) pulling a crop out from each side, then filling it with white. BTW, this only applies to objects of which the edges are cut perfectly straight. My book images which are shown 'standing' at an angle, to show both the front and the spine, are cut out with the PS pen tool, as edges are rarely straight.
  8. Hello folks, Been on the forum a couple of years, but haven't posted since my first few months, as I recall. Do you think I've made a mistake in formatting of the several hundred record album cover images I've uploaded--in putting them on a white (or in the case of white covers, black) backgrounds? It seemed a good idea when I started the project and haven't thought much about it since--but now I'm wondering if it will harm sales. Seems like a dumb idea to me now. Also, will Alamy object if I now upload the same images without the backgrounds? Since I already
  9. ED: Got to the right place by starting with alamy.com, going to my alamy, etc. Thanks, Michael ======= In the process of changing web browser, and have lost access to the normally formatted Alamy dashboard. Just getting a white page with black print, and no useful detail. Only a header, calling the page my "handy dashboard view." Also, now cannot access former view of dashboard with my old link in the old browser. When will I learn not to go futzing with things? Got a good address? Can anyone help? Address that's been working for me is: h
  10. Yeah. Just some books. Been working my way through book collection this year. Earlier uploads have done pretty well, books standing up and turned to show spine as well as front. This last batch I shot as flat lays--very thin, so little or no spine to show. Thinking about going through old LP collection. Anybody think that's worth doing?
  11. The 59 images I uploaded earlier this week by Filezilla finally showed up in QC after two days of hiding. They were accepted the same day.
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