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  1. ED: Got to the right place by starting with alamy.com, going to my alamy, etc. Thanks, Michael ======= In the process of changing web browser, and have lost access to the normally formatted Alamy dashboard. Just getting a white page with black print, and no useful detail. Only a header, calling the page my "handy dashboard view." Also, now cannot access former view of dashboard with my old link in the old browser. When will I learn not to go futzing with things? Got a good address? Can anyone help? Address that's been working for me is: h
  2. Yeah. Just some books. Been working my way through book collection this year. Earlier uploads have done pretty well, books standing up and turned to show spine as well as front. This last batch I shot as flat lays--very thin, so little or no spine to show. Thinking about going through old LP collection. Anybody think that's worth doing?
  3. The 59 images I uploaded earlier this week by Filezilla finally showed up in QC after two days of hiding. They were accepted the same day.
  4. As I posted on another thread, my upload of 59 images two days ago, via Filezilla ftp, had not shown up on Alamy as of last night--~24 hours after posting. The download has shown up this morning, about 40 hours later. This is just as I was 'about to' reload them. Whew!
  5. Thanks, Avpics. Guess i should have taken a look at recent posts. I'll move over to that thread with any updates.
  6. Yesterday, early evening (East coast, US time) I uploaded 59 images to Alamy. Been doing this for two years with no issues. Everything went well. Upload completed successfully, according to Filezilla. As of today, almost 24 hours later, they haven't shown up on my Alamy dashboard. Should I assume they were eaten by "the cloud", and upload again? I hesitate to email Alamy, as my experience with trying to communicate with them last month was not fruitful. Thanks for your wisdom. Michael
  7. Wasn't thinking they would put client and me in touch. Thinking that Alamy would contact me, tell me what client was wanting. I would perform the task, and upload. Seems like this is a reasonable service for a client.
  8. Yes. Was thinking that they might contact Alamy, and Alamy would contact me. Maybe that's too much to expect. Thanks.
  9. I'm working my way through my book collection, and sometimes will group books together in one image. Would it be acceptable to include a note in the description--offering to do custom groups of books? thanks, Michael
  10. Is there a better email address than "contributors@alamy.com"? I sent a second email and it just bounces back the same automatic response I got the first time. thx.
  11. Thanks. The balance was (and is) $59.68. I immediately noticed the issue when the payout date changed, which I believe was on the second. I emailed them yesterday.
  12. Not sure. Can't find emails to tell me. Usually in my account by 7th-8th.
  13. Yes. I'm sure. Only had one sale in Oct, earlier in the month. Balance on dashboard shows what it did before the end of Oct. $60. No new sales in Nov. No refunds showing in Oct. or Nov. Both the Sales and Balance pages are so slow in loading as to be easily mistaken for not working at all. Take close to a minute to load. thx.
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