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how much lower will they sink

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First sale I have had below 1 dollar!


via distributor


Country -worldwide why if its listed as EU (croatia)

Usage -editorial why if the sector is General business services

media -editorial website (how can it be if its in General business services)

Start 01 nov18 end 01nov23 -FIVE YEARS for an editorial use


other info-Croatia web 1month -is it licensed for 1 month or 5 years?

Bulk discount -Distributors can apply a bulk discount-this is really taking the p.

flat rate-?

customer pays 3.26 dollars the agency =alamy take 2.28 I get 0.98 dollars.


May be its time to move out of distribution!



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Well below $1 is better than me as I have had ziltch this month but that is a depressing low for Alamy. The irony is I had a single sale of $112 with a micro stock site this week (phew) which is rare but still possible. So much effort this year upoading exclusive editorial that has gone unrewarded here for me. 

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I had 4 of those, 3 of that were RM and one RF (RM and RF exactly the same price).  Exactly the same license as yours except one says Croatia, one says Serbia and one says Czech Republic.  I also don't understand this license.  Is it one month or 5 years????  Is it Worldwide or Croatia/Serbia/Czech Republic?

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