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Use of 360-degree panoramas?

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I have many single images for 360 panoramas, from aerial photographs. They fall as a "waste product", and it is possible to calculate cylindrical panoramas quickly and easily. But of course the zenith is always missing, so it takes some effort to create a complete 360 panorama. I wonder if the effort to create 360-degree panoramas is worth it. 

Does anyone already know examples where these panoramas are used commercially and not only as playful demonstrations?
Do such panoramas make sense as "stock photos"?



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Personnaly, haven't seen any website that use them... 


3D artistst (mostly in architecture) use half-domes or domes (360) to create the environment, and have reflections in windows... but usually HDRI ones. The HDRI's take even more effort to make...


Frankly, I have a few horizontal pano's on Alamy and they don't seem to have much success...

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I haven't come across any 360 images in my surfing. Mind you, I haven't looked very hard. I could see them being used by tourism boards and  commercial travel websites for promotional purposes. They also lend themselves to "sharing" on social media. T&L magazine ran a somewhat breathless article about them -- how they are somehow changing the future of travel -- not that long ago. Perhaps 360 images are too much of a passing novelty to make sense as stock photos. Time will tell, I guess.


P.S. It seems that in the future, you won't have to endure the tourist hordes in Venice or at Machu Picchu. Just stay at home and clip on your virtual reality goggles instead. B)




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