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  1. Sony RX 100 VI RAW

    Thanks Wim, I did not realize that it converts ARW to DNG. I will install and see.
  2. Sony RX 100 VI RAW

    The Adobe Raw Converter does not work with fils from M6. So that only leaves JPEG. Today I take the camera outside for the first time, adjusted for JPEG-Fine and serial exposure.
  3. Sony RX 100 VI RAW

    Thanks you So jpg, until adobe supports the Little Camera.
  4. Sony RX 100 VI RAW

    I'm close to despair. I just received my Sony RX 100 VI, set it up and took test photos. In RAW (Sony ARW). But Lightroom cannot import the RAW files. Already tried it with color space sRGB and AdobeRGB, no success. With the Sony 7II you had to select "RAW compressed", but the RX 100 does not have this option. Can somebody help me? How do I get the RAW files to Lightroom? (Lightroom version Classic CC Version 7.4 with Camera RAW 10.4) Translated with
  5. Noise

    Thank you all very much for your answers. So it seems, there ist nothing to measure noise, I thought so You should worry, if you cannot see noise. There is always noise, even when using ISO 100 with 35 mm sensor. My question was about quantification.
  6. Each photo has more or less noise. It is not always easy to define the subjective boundary between acceptable and too tight noise. How do you do that? Are there any tools (except looking closely) to quantify noise? With LR or some other software maybe?
  7. Thanks. Of course I read other threads, but I didn't really understand them. Even now it is still very confusing that neither the green bar nore the CTR should play a role. In the end, however, this means that with "Alamy measures" there is no real "measure" that I could meaningfully influence before a zooming. Very confusing indeed.
  8. When I learned about the use of KW, I thought I understood that the relevance of KW is related to CTR. The CTR is the number of Zooms divided by the number of views x 100[%]. So if I don't have a zoom, the CTR is also 0. For the last 4 weeks I find at "Alamy Measures --> Your Images" a tiny CTR of 0.18. This CTR results from one Zoom at one image, my CTR for the search term is 33.33. For all other search terms in the list, the CTR is 0.0 of course. How do I optimize my KW? Remove from all images the search terms for which I see a CTR of 0.0? These are often relevant terms (IMO), but other images seemed to suit the customer's taste better. Well, I don't know what to do now. How to increase the CTR? How must the KW optimization be carried out in principle (using "Alamy measures")? Thanks in advance. Translated with
  9. Keywords, my big problem

    To be honest, this "Alamy Measures" still causes me problems of understanding. I'll have to deal with it a little more.
  10. Keywords, my big problem

    That's really confusing and hard for a newbie to understand. If the experienced users don't play a game with the newbies it means that Alamy misleads us with the green bar. Somehow this bar looks so helpful and comprehensible. I'm reluctant to ignore it. Difficult, difficult.
  11. So how was your May, eh?

  12. Keywords, my big problem

    Wow, those were really clever, helpful and valuable answers. Thank you all very much. The "green bar" that I have always tried to reach is therefore not really important. And it was not clear to me that it was possible to make adjustments time and again, even after the event. I will make an effort to consider everything with new photos and must probably reconsider the old submissions. Great forum here, really nice forists and good advice. Translated with
  13. Keywords, my big problem

    I know that the "right" keywords are almost as important as the photo. Therefore from me as newbie a few questions to the experienced contributer: Does it make sense to use the 50 KW as much as possible, even if some very general terms are used? Or is less more? Should the singular as well as the plural be used for nouns or is the singular sufficient? For compound terms, e.g. "aerial view", you should use 2 separate single words or the compound word or both? Sorry, I know a lot of questions, but I hope someone answers anyway and thanks in advance. Translated with
  14. portfolio critique welcome

    Thank you for your time and help. So, more pictures and above all more interesting pictures, with people. I will try, thanks again, is an unusually nice forum here. @JeffGreenberg Such photos, without MR, will be quite seldom after May 25, I think. At least from german contributers.