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  1. Of course Alamy also accepts such photos:>ype=0 But they should meet the technical standard. Listen to the experienced forists, they're right and they want to help you. Translated with
  2. I also have hundreds of photos I took with my old camera before I joined MS. Great motives from exciting countries, but small sensor, no RAWs, no chance. I have to admit that I didn't pay much attention to the technical quality at the time. But the first time Alamy refuses, don't give up right away, try again.
  3. Keywords, my big problem

    Wow, those were really clever, helpful and valuable answers. Thank you all very much. The "green bar" that I have always tried to reach is therefore not really important. And it was not clear to me that it was possible to make adjustments time and again, even after the event. I will make an effort to consider everything with new photos and must probably reconsider the old submissions. Great forum here, really nice forists and good advice. Translated with
  4. Keywords, my big problem

    I know that the "right" keywords are almost as important as the photo. Therefore from me as newbie a few questions to the experienced contributer: Does it make sense to use the 50 KW as much as possible, even if some very general terms are used? Or is less more? Should the singular as well as the plural be used for nouns or is the singular sufficient? For compound terms, e.g. "aerial view", you should use 2 separate single words or the compound word or both? Sorry, I know a lot of questions, but I hope someone answers anyway and thanks in advance. Translated with
  5. portfolio critique welcome

    Thank you for your time and help. So, more pictures and above all more interesting pictures, with people. I will try, thanks again, is an unusually nice forum here. @JeffGreenberg Such photos, without MR, will be quite seldom after May 25, I think. At least from german contributers.
  6. portfolio critique welcome

    Hello, I know that the number of images I have set up is still very small. Nevertheless, I wonder why I generate so few (currently only 1) sales at Alamy. The number of zooms (so far 4) is also low. If the experienced foographers could take a critical look at the pictures and tell me their constructive criticism, I would be happy. Thank you in advance.