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Panasonic Lumix GX85/GX80 unsuitable?

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I wanted to upload images from my Lumix GX85, but they're getting rejected as "Unsuitable Camera". Is the GX85 really unsuitable? Why is that?



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Some of mine from this camera recently passed qc after a previous fail. The failed images were using the kit pancake (12-32 I think), the passed ones were using the 45-175 so it may be a lens problem. Will pick up the 12-60 f2f.8-4 at some point.

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The fail reason can occasionally be mistaken- they may simply be SoLD, forum shorthand for soft and lacking definition. Would you have expected them to pass otherwise?

If you post a 100% crop here opinions can be offered

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Interesting and to me, surprising. I shoot with two of these and never had a failure. Are you shooting raw? If you're shooing jpeg, go into the Photo Style settings and turn down the noise reduction to its lowest setting. Panasonic's noise reduction isn't very sophisticated and overly smooths things. You're better off doing this in an editor later. Also, turn the contrast down a notch or two. Unfortunately you have to do this for each individual Photo Style, so it's easier to do it to just one. I'd try the Natural setting, because it's flat enough to let you do some tweaking in Lightroom or Photoshop. You can bump up the saturation and vibrance a bit in post if you want to.


Or shoot raw. Since the GX85 lacks a low pass filter, with even the kit 12-32 lens, the images are extremely sharp. You may occasionally see some moire but I've only seen it once and it was fixable with Lightroom's moire tool. Speaking of lenses, it's not unheard of to get a bad copy of a lens, so you might want to check that as well. I have the kit 12-32 for both bodies and both are very sharp, even to the corners. But I have heard of instances of bad ones.


I also use the 14-140 superzoom and I find it to be the absolute best lens of its type I've used. Here's an image from this lens and the GX85 that's sold twice:




Hope this helps.

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