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I shoot mostly for stock with a Nikon. I bought a Lumix DMC-ZS60 (18 mps with Leica zoom) 'travel camera' to use when I am on vacation and also for casual use as I run errands about town when I don't want to lug the Nikon. I uploaded a few photos from a recent foreign vacation and had few or no issues with Alamy. I recently uploaded a batch of nine local shots (eight shot with the Nikon and one with the Lumix) and the entire lot was rejected due to the the quality of one shot from the Lumix. I am aware of Alamy's policy of rejecting one/rejecting all (which seems unfair). The Lumix is said to not be a good low-light camera and I agree with that. When this batch was rejected Alamy did cite noise as one reason for rejection but they also cited the rejection as being taken with a  "digital camera not suitable for Alamy". As a result they revoked my upload privileges for 10 days. Has anyone experienced this same rejection reason with a Lumix and does Alamy in fact have a published list of cameras they automatically accept content from?

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There is no longer an Alamy approved/unapproved list, probably due to the pace of new models but in simple terms; don't go under 1 inch sensors. The Sony RX100s seem very popular and small, but there are other manufacturers making cameras with this size sensor. The many APS-c cameras are fine and of course all the full frame models are OK (but a bit big and expensive)

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Nothing near a 30x fixed zoom is ever going to cut it with QC. The optics just aren't up to it. The RX100's is only about 3x.

You should be able to tell the difference yourself at 100%.

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Sorry, Alan S. It is a hard pill to swallow -- buying a Leica product and having it fail QC. Ouch! You might consider the SonyRX100-6, with a 24-200 zoom. Do you really feel you need more reach than that? 



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Hi Alan -


This sensor size chart has been useful for explanations:




Your Lumix camera has a 1/2.3" sensor, which is in between the 1/1.8 and 1/2.5 on the chart. Currently, 18mp on such a small sensor doesn't cut it for Alamy.


On the other hand, I suspect that some were surprised (OK, I was) when 1" sensors produced Alamy-acceptable images, so who knows what future models will bring? Fifteen years ago, we were saying that digital cameras weren't good enough.

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