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AIM keeps loading with an old upload and filter setting

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I have no idea what is going on with this but it is one of those things that is of no real importance but highly annoying.

Every time I launch my AIM I see exactly the same screen -  it is of an upload I did a while back with some filters in place.  It is not my first upload.  I have used other filters.  It means every time I launch I have to remove the filters and scroll to find my latest upload to work on and I have no idea why it is doing this.

If it opened on the oldest upload I would assume it was supposed to.  If it loaded on the last lot of filters I had used I would assume it was supposed to - but it always opens on the same lot which seem to be a totally random selection alamyAIM_zpsa9ncydju.jpgSo does anyone know how I can set me AIM so it always opens on the latest upload with no filters so I do not have to mess around switching filters off and scrolling to find the images I want to work on.

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I assume you have tried "Clear all filters".


If so I would contact Alamy as it seems to be a hiccup in their system.


Not happening here.





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I hit clear all filters every time I load lol - I mean once or twice I ignore - then I try and practice zen and tell myself it is only a click and scroll which works for a while - then I start screaming at it every time I open it.

I wanted to make sure it wasn't some weird hidden setting I activated by mistake - you know like when you accidentally change your whole photoshop layout without knowing how


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2 hours ago, James Hodgson said:

I know it's a long shot, but have you tried clearing browser history, cache etc?




Not a long shot at all, I think that's quite likely to fix it. If you're lucky your browser may allow you to clear only the data associated with Alamy.com so you don't loose any settings associated with other websites.



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