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Hello from Bulgaria


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Hello, I am an amateur photographer from Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

I am new to contributing to the creation of warehouse imaging sites and I just want to connect and learn. We expect to be part of this site.

I do not have much experience and I would like you to look at my pictures. Thank you.

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Very nice pictures, Sabi. Welcome to Alamy.


Many of your images are "landscapes" so put that in your tags (keywords). Also put in the plural for terms, like flower and flowers. Plants and animals should have the Latin term in addition to the English.


I suggest that you widen your subject selection. Let's see something that is Bulgaria. Pretty pictures will not be enough. 


Good luck, Edo



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Lovely pictures. I suggest you work on your captions and keywords. All of your images only have the location in the caption. The caption is very important in helping people to find your image. It should describe what is in the picture. You have also mis-spelled "dog". If you know the breed of the dog you should state that. Also remove keywords like "tree" that are not in the image.



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Welcome to Alamy SaBi,


Don't take anything I write in the forum too seriously.......


With that in mind, think about what publications and corporations

want to publish.  I've been an editorial (magazine) photographer

for over four decades as well as a corporate photographer around

the globe.  I've worked in Sophia as well as living and working in Kiev

and Moscow for ten years.  In my opinion you are in a good location

to make licensable images for Alamy.  Spend time to look at what else

is available from Bulgaria and spend a lot of time on your captions. 

For me writing the captions and keywording takes more time then

prepping the image for upload.


Important point: I do not sell images, Alamy licenses my images.


Good luck and welcome to the club.......



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Hi Sabi,


There are many suitable subjects in Bulgaria. Rural life in places like  Saedinenie, the Pirin and Rhodope mountain ranges,  rial and other monasteries. Wish i had taken more general pictures when I had the chance.



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