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I uploaded 10 images. Immediately after, I uploaded two.  Because those two hung in several tries. So....10....2.

The last uploaded, the 2, have gone through QC. The 10 are still in Processing after about 22 hours!

I really wish these bugs would be resolved.


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After one of my glitches I decided that I had to repeat an ENTIRE batch or something weird would happen. Just my experience. So tempting to leave out the one that got stuck but I didn't find it was worth it. I think uploading here in the USA in the evening can work because it is the middle of the night in the UK.



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Those images are still “Processing”. But if I click on the sub in the left-hand column, they brightened up. I actually processed them. But....the sub says 10 images, and I only see 8. So 10 obviously were uploaded. I wonder who’s stolen my two! :D


What a mess. I’ve contacted Contributor Services after waiting a while hoping it would resolve itself. Ain’t happenin’.


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