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Anyone else had this problem.

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Hi All
My latest batch of photos passed the other day and I have key worded them. The search engine looks like it has picked them up and they are available:


When you zoom one of the latest batch the image doesn't display and says "Sorry,we didn't receive any image"
Here is an example
If I click on 'download preview' I get an ASP.NET exception message:

An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host

It only seems to be pictures in this current batch (52 images) all my others are fine.
Very odd

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Stephen, I noticed this too last night on the latest batch of images that are now searchable in my collection. It's still showing the same message now 12 hours later. Please share your reply from tech support when you hear back from them.





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Hey guys,


I recently uploaded images, passed QC , keyworded them and the thumbnails appeared later. When clicked, the message "We didn't receive image" came up. I emailed tech support, got a reply back asking for the codes of relevant images. Did this and a couple of hours later the problem was sorted. Don't know what the problem was .....anyway, keyworded some more and now same problem with those shots.


Dunno if this is happening with many others..i'll contact Alamy next week.


Interested to know if widespread.


All best


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I haven't checked my entire portfolio but within the first two pages I came across one image that doesn't view properly DDH08P - RM .  A couple other images from the same shoot also presented problems but eventually opened in the viewer.  Is it necessary to flood customer service with individual service repair requests or will they pick up on the problem from this discussion thread and apply a global fix?

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Glad I am not the only one. I have emailed MS but will have to wait until tomorrow as they don't work weekends :-)


I hope they can sort it easily as it is affecting 52 images.


I have had another batch go live this morning after key-wording and they are all fine.

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This has now been resolved by MS. I told them the media ref id (from the track submission screen) and they regenerated the entire batch and the are now displaying correctly :-) So for anyone who encounters the same problem just contact MS with the media ref id.


Here is their reply :


Hi Stephen,


It’s great to see that you are adding more content to your portfolio.


Our technical team have regenerated the previews for all your images in the media OL2343977 which has resolved the below issue.


Please let us know if you need any further assistance.


Kind regards,


Charles Peter

Member Services

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