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  1. I have put some test shots of the 45-150mm Lumix Lens on my blog. Its a fantastic lens for the price. http://stephenhauntsphotography.com/2013/10/03/pananonic-lumix-45-150mm-telephoto-lens/
  2. Hi I have written a quick review of the Lumix 45-150mm Telephoto M43 lens I bought the other month. I have included a few wild life photo test shots. http://stephenhauntsphotography.com/2013/10/03/pananonic-lumix-45-150mm-telephoto-lens/ Steve
  3. It's a shame DXO Optics doesnt work as a lightroom plugin. I would still like to use lightroom as my main tool, but edit the image and do decent lens correction in Optics.
  4. I shoot only with a M43 based system now. Currently using a Lumix G5 plus a Lumix GF5 as a smaller discreet body (especially when out with family for the day where stock photography isnt the aim of the day). I use a 14-42 X power zoom on the GF5. I also currently use the standard kist 14-42mm and the 45-150 telephoto. I lot this kit. All fits in a small bag and is very light. I am thinking of some prime lenses next, either the Lumix 20mm or the Sigma 19mm.
  5. I just got a Lumix G5 body today aswell for a good price so I am now pretty well covered kit wise. Prime lenses next on the list, but no immediate rush for those.
  6. Hi Does anyone here use DXO Optics Pro to do lens corrections on their images before submitting to Alamy. Is this something QC are generally ok with as it does enhance sharpness. It looks like a nice tool and I am thinking of trying it out but don't want to persist if it falls foul of the QC process. Thanks Steve
  7. Pocket size doesn't worry me too much. I have 3 camera bags I use. I tiny one for just the GF5 and the 14-42 powerzoom. I use this for when I am out with the family. A slightly larger bag I use for the camera and 14-42 X Zoom and the 14-150. And a lowepro event messenger bag when I am out doing more dedicated photography and I want to take more kit with me.
  8. Yeah I totally agree with. I carry a camera with me all the time now. I have only been on Alamy just over a month, but when the search engine picks up my latest batch I will be over 250 images. Not bad going :-)
  9. Thanks for all the replies. It looks like I have made the right camera system choice ;-) Which is good as I think my wife would divorce me if I changed my mind. lol
  10. For English Heritage, there is a little info here but not much. http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/about/contact-us/enquiries/commercial-photography/
  11. ok after a little good kung foo, here is National Trusts photographic policy. http://www.nationaltrustimages.org.uk/photographic-access
  12. Good question. I would also like to know how this applies to National Trust as I have a membership with them.
  13. Hi How many of you use Micro Four Thirds systems for your stock work? After a bit of a photography hiatus (having kids plus starting a demanding job) I got back into it a few months back. I bought Lumix GF5 as I got a really good deal on it, and I am finding it a great system as it is so small and discreet yet very good image quality (to my eyes). Now considering a GX1 as the prices are going down with the imminent release of the GX7. How many of you use this type of system? What are your views and Lens recommendations. I am using the Kit lens 14-42X powerzoom and the 45-150 telephoto.
  14. Just email member services and tell the the image id or the media ref id from the batch (you can get this from the track submissions page). I had this and they regenerated the entire batch and it was fixed. Steve
  15. I have encountered some technical issues with the site where batches of images, once gone live, wont zoom and comes back with an error. This needs Member Services to resolve. It seems it is a wide spread issues from talk on the forums. Is this being actively investigated for a fix?
  16. Hi This has now been resolved by MS. I told them the media ref id (from the track submission screen) and they regenerated the entire batch and the are now displaying correctly :-) So for anyone who encounters the same problem just contact MS with the media ref id. Here is their reply : Hi Stephen, It’s great to see that you are adding more content to your portfolio. Our technical team have regenerated the previews for all your images in the media OL2343977 which has resolved the below issue. Please let us know if you need any further assistance. Kind regards, Ch
  17. Glad I am not the only one. I have emailed MS but will have to wait until tomorrow as they don't work weekends :-) I hope they can sort it easily as it is affecting 52 images. I have had another batch go live this morning after key-wording and they are all fine.
  18. btw, I have emailed technical support, but I thought I would ask you guys too :-)
  19. Hi All My latest batch of photos passed the other day and I have key worded them. The search engine looks like it has picked them up and they are available: http://www.alamy.com/stock-photography/BC846C1A-37AE-4B35-B8B1-4D37CA2FF8F3/1/Stephen%20Haunts.html When you zoom one of the latest batch the image doesn't display and says "Sorry,we didn't receive any image" Here is an example http://www.alamy.com/image-details-popup.asp?&n=NaN&imageid={05E4D417-652C-40CA-B047-CB705A4CE540} If I click on 'download preview' I get an ASP.NET exception message: An existing connectio
  20. Congrats on the milestone. I am still new at this, so my first milestone is 200 images. Getting there soon. lol Steve
  21. I submitted 44 images on Tuesday afternoon and they where ready for tagging this morning (Friday). Just waiting for the search engine to pick them up and make them available now. Steve
  22. This particular photo is going to give me nightmares for weeks. http://youarenotaphotographer.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/retouch-nightmare.jpg
  23. Hi Sorry, I meant I have had them accepted and I have key-worded them and set the license details. I am now waiting for the search engine to pick them up so they are visible. Steve
  24. I am new to Alamy. I passed my first 4 images on Monday. I uploaded 12 more on tuesday and it went to Awaiting QC. It stayed like that until this afternoon (friday). I was convinced I was going to fail QC on something stupid, as this was only my 2nd submission. Thankfully I passed, they must have just been busy with a backlog :-) Steve
  25. Hi I am not expecting many sales to start with to be honest, I know I need volume. I have just had my next 12 images accepted so I am just waiting for the search engine to pick them up not that I have keyworded them. I'm going to upload in small batches of 12 for the moment until I am properly used to the process. Steve
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