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Google reverse search shows that one of my images has been used in article in The Times, but their website requires a subscription to access the article. Does anyone here have sych a subscription and could check this for me? It has been month and a half since the publication, so there is still time for this to show up on my Alamy sales, but would like to know.


The image is P39ANM (not sure how to paste an image)


Thank you for your help.



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Your image appears a little further down the article with credit given to your name and Alamy. 


I haven't got a paid subscription with the Times but I did sign up for a free short term trial in the past so maybe you can do the same. 


I would send you a screenshot but I'm not sure how I can send it to you through this forum. 

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You can subscribe for free and read a small number of articles per week.


"The construction company hired to restore Glasgow School of Art has defended its fire prevention strategy after the site was ravaged by a blaze.

The A-listed landmark was reduced to a shell when flames ripped through the building on Friday night, the second fire to devastate Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s masterpiece in four years.

Kier, a company based in Bedfordshire, had been brought in to oversee the £35 million restoration of the art nouveau college after the first fire, in a programme that was due to be completed next year.

Questions were raised about the company’s stewardship after it emerged that the 110-year-old building was not protected by a sprinkler system, even though one had been partially installed.

Kier said last night that it had an agreed fire safety strategy, which combined measures for the protection of those entering the site to work and to alert the authorities in the event of an outbreak of fire.

“These included a smoke and heat detection system and regular evacuation tests as well as 24-hour, seven-day a week security and fire warden patrols by a team of three guards,” a spokeswoman said.

“We continue to work with and support the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) and our client as they determine the next steps for the Mackintosh building and site. We are all keen to do whatever we can to help.” It is not yet clear if parts of the building can be salvaged or whether it will have to be demolished. The cost of a complete reconstruction has been estimated at more than £100 million.

Roads remained cordoned off around the art nouveau Mackintosh BuildingPAWEL PIETRASZEWSKI/ALAMY

Fire chiefs confirmed that their investigation into the cause of the blaze was under way.

David McGown, the assistant chief officer, said: “They’ll look at situations and issues such as which fire safety measures were in place beforehand, what was supposed to be in place, witness statements, CCTV footage and, working with our partners, collate that information into what will be the one truly informed source of what actually happened.

“It is a complex process to investigate such a scale of fire and it will take time. I can give this guarantee that we will find out what happened in this fire, what the cause was and what the cause of spread was.”

The neighbouring O2 ABC music venue and the Campus nightclub were badly damaged.

Paul Sweeney, the MP for Glasgow North East, said the city should take urgent steps to protect its historic architecture.

“A lot of the Victorian stock is extremely vulnerable to fire, but there hasn’t been a proper survey,” he said. “We are going to end up with a glut of problems if we don’t take precautions now.”


Glasgow School of Art advertised in March for a fire regulatory compliance officer, with responsibility for recommending precautions and monitoring alarms and equipment.

A spokeswoman said that responsibility for protecting the building lay with Kier. It had been insured. Crawford & Company, a claims management company, confirmed that it had been appointed to handle a fire claim on behalf of the art school.

Last month, Kier was strongly criticised in a report into the building of the DG One leisure complex in Dumfries, which had to shut after repair work cost more than the original construction. John Cole, who wrote the document, said: “This inquiry would particularly wish to bring attention to the extensive failures in regard to the omissions and inadequate installation of fire-stopping [measures] discovered throughout the building.”

Colin Smyth, a Labour MSP for South Scotland, said: “In Glasgow you had a company that was absolutely slated for their fire safety failings, at DG One, being put in charge of one of the country’s most important buildings. For me, that’s a matter of concern.” "

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