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Full page or 1/4 page sale

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Over the moon to have just sold my first front page, but trying to understand sale details it states that it is a front page, usage 1/4 page so i expected to see it as an insert  but to my surprise having found it I would say it is nearer 95%!, $75 does this seem ok for front cover of a national magazine with circulation of 10,000? https://shop.waterwaysworld.com/subOffer/W3F3G?gclid=Cj0KCQjw-uzVBRDkARIsALkZAdlW-wLH_rj2DRc11BRmrs-P39_0npKHDL4pwJmltXDp9G5k7kCGaM8aAqxyEALw_wcB

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Assuming yours isn't the inset, which is 1/4 page more or less, it looks like mixed up billing.

Presumably you've checked but $75 is about right for full calculator price for 1/4 page, it comes out at £50, full page comes out at £105 so I would be expecting more.

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