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Hello from Texas


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Hello, all!


I've just joined and am looking forward to learning the ropes from the experts.  I've been a photographer all my life but only recently decided to brush up on my skills, learn new ones (Lightroom!) and put them to work for me.  Have had a bit of issue with keywording but just read (here) that only 5-10% of most contributors have green optimized photos.  This is reassuring because NONE of my photos thus far has 50 keywords relevant to them.  One thing I've discovered (and need to research) is that my keywords are not transferring automatically from Lightroom.  If anyone has words of wisdom, I'd sure appreciate them.  I'm copy/pasting them at the moment, but that's a big time gobbler if I do more than a couple of images at a time.


At any rate, hi, and it's nice to "meet" you!

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Hi, and welcome to Alamy!

As you've already figured out, achieving "green" optimisation is difficult, as there are few circumstances when you'll find 50 relevant tags for pretty much anything. Add the best you can think of, if you run out of ideas try this .... http://microstockgroup.com/tools/keyword.php
Make your supertags sequentially, clicking the most important one first. Keep uploading, to some extent (though not entirely)  this is a numbers game.

I don't use Lightroom for tagging, so unable to help in that regard, but search the forums and you'll find lots of helpful info.

Good luck!


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In the export screen in Lightroom you are given options about what data to include so be sure you are including the keywords and in your hierarchy if you are using hierarchies.



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2 hours ago, GS-Images said:

Welcome to Alamy!


First, don't worry about "optimisation" or "discoverability". Just add relevant tags, including phrases, and don't add more just to make it go green. You'll achieve nothing and your images will not be more "discoverable". Personally I wouldn't even look at keywording tools (sorry Tony!). It's best to use your own mind to do it accurately, but others will tell you differently so that's just something to work out yourself and see what suits you.


I don't know why your lightroom keywords aren't transferring but they should if you're entering them into the correct fields (the keywording section obviously). I wonder if maybe when you export the images to jpgs before uploading to Alamy, the export options are set to remove metadata? It's worth looking at that.



Tony, I'm not sure if you're suggesting that the order in which you click a tag to change it into a supertag makes a difference? It makes no difference at all, but you probably mean that just as a way to get all the most relevant tags as supertags?


Having supertags next to each other is said to give that phrase more relevance, according to Alamy, but it makes no sense to me because the order they appear in sometimes changes anyway, depending how they're entered. If you want 2 words together, put them together in one tag and forget about trying to mess about with the order that single tags/supertags appear on to be on your screen (they are likely not considered to be in that order to the system anyway, no matter what you actually see)





I think (maybe wrong) that the first one you click becomes the first supertag in the chain, though following your comments I'm now unsure if this has any further implications.
Hence, I'll happily submit to your superior knowledge!


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Super helpful stuff, folks.  Thanks much for weighing in!  My Lightroom instructor turned me on to the Lightroom plug-in, https://www.mykeyworder.com/lightroom, which is amazing for helping with the keyword issue.  It may not come up with the full 50, but it sure comes up with more than my paltry dozen or so that I had been struggling to conjure up.  


Geoff and NYCat, I'll give a look to see if my export options are set to remove metadata.  Hadn't thought about that. This is still pretty new to me, Lightroom and using stock sites, so thanks much for the helpful insights.  Now to go do a few downloads. :)



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Late to the party, but welcome. Dallas/Fort Worth area? I’m recently moved from Oklahoma City to Wichita.

Good luck!


oh, just had a look at your images. The one of the rooster, for instance. The caption has too much information that isn’t relevant to the image. The caption carries a lot of weight and each word is searchable. So the mention of hens and predators will get you views for when buyers search for hens and predators. 

Copy your old caption including hens and predators to the Optional field in “more information “. That field isn’t searchable, but a buyer might like that info.

Then for your caption, “Lavender rooster, an exotic breed of chicken or fowl, (scientific name for the breed or at least for chicken) walking outdoors on a farm near Dallas, Texas, USA.”  

My info may not be correct, but it is just an example. Try to only talk about what you see in the image and list the location.


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