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Hi from Germany


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Gruß Gott Eloise!


Welcome to Alamy. I was expecting to see photos of Germany; more fool me!  Just to let you know, we can see your photos by clicking on "Images" under your profile so no need to post a link.


So..... Good pictures, I particularly like the camel riding shot .Pictures of people doing 'stuff' sell well on Alamy. 

'Temple of Hercules' and 'Wadi Rum' look underexposed.


Also "pink flowers"; you really need the latin and common name. There's a lot of flower pictures on Alamy and no one will find this picture. Also, what story is this telling? There's just sky as a background. If it had a castle or market or people in the background, it would be a lot better.


Hope this helps.



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Malaga will show up in searches. The individual words as well as the phrase do count. Your images often look too dark to me. I hope you are spending some time in processing them. If you take a look at images on Alamy of the same subject you will probably see what I mean. Many would be improved by a bit of brightening.



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Hallo aus Deutschland. 

The Zagora Desert shot is for my taste way underexposed (shot below), you may want to consider re-processing this image and align the exposure accordingly. 

Steve is absolutely right to pointing out that keywording is key in Alamy. 

In the shot below you included keywords like camel trekking, camel tour, oasis, berber, sand surfing, tracks , sand traces , climate, marathon. 

I fail to see these prominently in the picture. 


Having keywords that do not reconcile to the picture will hurt the ranking of the shots. 

Below picture might get shown if someone looks for camel tours, and as the picture does not show this, it will most likely not get zoomed. 

Ranking in Alamy is dependent how often an image was zoomed  divided by the number of times it was shown to a potential client. 

Hence the best rank would be a picture being zoomed every single time displayed (does not really happen) versus the least a picture that never gets zoomed. 



Zagora Desert, South Eastern Morocco Stock Photo

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