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Advice on portfolio/improving image sales?


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Hi forum - looking for some advice improving image sales on Alamy.


It's not something I've kept up with but wanting to get back into and hoping to make a few more sales. My portfolio last Summer was mostly events I attended with an interest in photojournalism, although now I'd prefer to look into architecture and conceptual stuff.


Does anyone have advice on getting started, and where to improve on my current portfolio? 2 sales so far but my CTR is a little low for my liking.




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First you need to get rid of the news captions and keywords and replace them with what is actually there.


Man with Springer Spaniel over his shoulder and all the keywords are about anti-racism and the event you were covering.  Actually have nothing to do with what is in the picture.  So someone looking for either springer spaniels or images about racism will not be either seeing your image or buying your image.


Now that the news event has passed, go in and recaption and rekeyword the images you have.



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Agree with Jill. J7ETYA is very nice, but recaption/keyword to reflect the fact that it's just 8 red balloons in the sky - could be used to illustrate celebration as well as memorial. You can use the further information box to put the news caption in. Architecture - above all, look for good light; KDMMTN is a nice composition but very flat in tone. Beyond that, it's an architectural convention to straighten verticals, either when taking the shot (wide angle) or after (Lightroom etc.), except for extreme angles and when the composition is better if you don't. (Although as far as pure sales are concerned, corrected verticals don't seem to make much difference either way).

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