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  1. Useful copyright summary from DACS

    Thought I would share this very useful summary of copyright developments over time from DACS : Marc
  2. Hi forum - looking for some advice improving image sales on Alamy. It's not something I've kept up with but wanting to get back into and hoping to make a few more sales. My portfolio last Summer was mostly events I attended with an interest in photojournalism, although now I'd prefer to look into architecture and conceptual stuff. Does anyone have advice on getting started, and where to improve on my current portfolio? 2 sales so far but my CTR is a little low for my liking. Thanks!
  3. What to expect?

    I’m a new contributor to Alamy (with a whopping three images added so far!) and was looking for some advice as I start diving in more and creating a portfolio of images here. (Hopefully this information is useful to Alamy veterans too!) How many total images do you have in your library? About how many images do you sell on an average month? What’s the average sale price for your images? Do you list your images as RM, RF or a mix of both? Are your images exclusive to Alamy? And finally, what do you know now about the submission process that you wish you knew when you were just starting out to make your submissions as successful as possible?
  4. Advice for a newbie

    Hi everyone, After 5 years of light dabbling in selling work on Getty, I've decided to branch out and take stock photography a bit more seriously. On Getty last year, the average sale price for the month was wildly different, ranging anywhere from pennies to $25 or so for the highest month. With around 150 images in my portfolio (I added a bunch mid-year) my total sales of just over $500 averaged out to about $2 or $2.50 per image for my entire portfolio. I've just started a portfolio on Alamy this week (with a whopping 3 images so far!) and was wondering if I could ask some advice on what to expect and how to get the most out of the site as I start to submit more regularly. Here are my questions: How many images do you have in your entire catalog? Do you have a sense of your average number of sales per month? Are your images listed as RM, RF or a mix of both? Do you list them exclusively with Alamy (and if so, do you earn more if they are?) What's to be expected for an average per image sale? (Judging by the conversation in the forum, it looks like somewhere between $30-$50 per sale. Does that seem about right?) And finally, anything you know now about the submission process that you wish knew when you were just starting out? Thanks everyone! Brian Eden Brooklyn, New York
  5. Hello Everyone, I am uploading my photos ... I only have 9 now ... But, I am afraid that my photos are not that type of most wanted for agencies of which Alamy is dealing with ... So, can u please check my photos and give me more keywording ... Ideas to shoot ... I live in GAZA Strip ... And it is not easy to shot every where ... SO any ideas ??? !!!
  6. Hi everyone, I joined Alamy a couple of months ago, and have now got 178 photos uploaded on here. I've very much an amateur rather than professional and I'm obviously not expecting huge sales through this site, but am a little concerned that so far I've only 411 views, and my CTR is 0. I've been careful with key wording, and have read around the forums for general advice, but I was wondering if anyone observed anything specific about my portfolio. I'm about to go on a 9 month trip around the world and plan to take a whole lot more photos! Can't wait Be great to get any views advice from anyone Thanks in advance, Andy My portfolio link is
  7. Need advice

    Starting a new thread cause I have a ton of questions, and I will keep them all here. A couple years ago I ventured in to the stock area. Put 10 images with one of the smaller RF agencies. A year ago I put 4 images with Alamy, 2 RM, 2 RF, then decided to wait and consider further options and build a PF. I am happy to say I made my first RM sale a month ago, and now am ready to upload more to Alamy. So many of the questions will pertain to that. The 10 images all RF at the competitor have had around 10 sales, netting me $13 and change in 2 years. 1 RM Alamy sale with only 4 images uploaded, netted me $25 in 11 months. It's a no brainer. The last year or so I have built a nice PF and will start uploading today. First question, I have a lot of nice shots taken at a local car show for older cars. In view of auto industry trademark issues, can I upload these as RM editorial? A second question is what constitutes an altered image, and does Alamy accept work that is arted up a bit, if done well. TIA for all answers, and I will have more questions as I progess.
  8. I am looking at purchasing a Nikon D810 for landscape photography, can any current users of this camera recommend a suitable lens to go with the D810, keeping in mind that it is mainly for landscape photography, i have heard that the 14 to 24 is a great lens is it? or is there a better lens? Thank's to all. Paul.
  9. Hi everyone. I am relatively new here. I joined around April this year. After a few weeks I had my first sale for a total of $134, and since then nothing. I have also noticed that the amount of zooms I am getting is very low. This month so far 0! For you more experienced contributors, what am I doing wrong? It may also be nothing, but I would really appreciate some advice. Thanks for your help, I think I need all I can get Steve