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I'm looking for recommendations for a copyright infringement/claims site. Somewhere you upload your images to then they search the internet looking for your images, once they find a match you can then decided if your images are being used improperly and if so send the offending web site a take down demand letter or begin legal action. They keep %50 of the settlement for the legal work.


I was using Pixsy.com but but have found them lacking.


Thanks in advance,


David L. Moore

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On 1/23/2018 at 20:44, Panthera tigris said:

I have some claims running with CopyTrack at the moment - I trialed some images with them but am still waiting to see if they can resolve the claims. When the claims are closed I will be able to give an opinion.


Update - I submitted 3 claims back in October. India, Denmark and Spain. 1 is closed (Spain - they could not find out who owned the website), 2 still open. I have to be frank and say they are not very attentive and not successful, for me anyway. Pity as their software system is very easy to use but they only seem to send a demand email and then letter. Seems if the other party just ignores them then thats the end of it.

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I'm still using Pixsy. I've tried submitting 3 cases so far, but they have (after some delay) produced the same response


We have carefully researched and evaluated your case based on what Pixsy believes makes for a viable commercial case. We believe the likelihood of obtaining a successful resolution for this matter is low and are not able to accept it at this present time.


Pixsy recently changed the design of their website which I now find more confusing. But... looking on the positive side, it's currently costing me nothing, they are monitoring nearly 3,000 images for me, and they have found usages that I haven't found myself, which I've been able to add to my DACs claim. :)





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