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I found some of my images on this website http://www.wallskid.com/, with the Alamy watermark still on. Images that have never been sold, I want to report the site to Alamy, but I can't find any contact detail, so Alamy won't pursue  it.


Anyone has contact details or experience with wallskid.com?

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1 hour ago, losdemas said:


That's as good as no contact. Alamy won't pursue, nor, I doubt, will anyone at this point in time. There may be some future in which we are able to get these sites off air, but right now, no. 


I don't think there is an obligation for people to register correct contact details when they get a domain. If there are no contact details on the website a WhoIs search can sometimes bring up results. The WhoIsGuardProtected probably means that the info is hidden or acts as a middleman for communication. There are phone numbers and email addresses on that page.

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They have some nice images (suggests manual curation?). They don't appear to have copied them onto their servers, but simply provide HTML links back to the site hosting them. Most images appear un-watermarked. If you click the info button there's a button to "report the image" which may allow you to get the image(s) taken down.


Alternatively... if it your Alamy images on there are clearly watermarked with Alamy ref number too, I'd regard it as free advertising... But if you find un-watermarked versions of your images on there, then that might be worth pursuing.


If you're worried about users accessing watermarked versions of your images then better not put them on Alamy either as it's easy to grab watermarked images from there too.:o

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