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Extra Categories?

Stephen Dwyer

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Can I start by saying thank you to all of the regular contributors to this forum, I have been sitting on the sidelines for a while and have learnt much from your posts. My question today is whether Alamy should expand its list of categories? I know its a well set list already but I'm wondering if some major global issues like Environment should be added. Im sure we have all had shots where we would like a category just for that special "cute Labrador" shot and I'm not suggesting that Alamy open the gates on this but i just feel that this one in particular could be helpful to buyers and contributors alike. Happy to hear everyone's thoughts.

thanks Stephen

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Hello Stephen. For some reason people who haven't posted on the forum before sometimes wind up putting their question in the section that is meant for suggestions about improving the forum. There must be something about the instructions. In any case, there is a discussion going already about the categories. Here it is... http://discussion.alamy.com/topic/8972-primary-and-secondary-categories/  Thank you for your thank you. It's nice to know we are helping.




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