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Number of different Usages of one Image

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Hello @ all,

just a simple question. How often is a customer allowed to use my Image, he bought here on Alamy.

The reason i ask is a News-Website who bought a Image a few months ago one time for 11$ but uses it over and over again on their website on different topics over a few months.





Does the license include this multi-usage?

Thanks in Advance for any clarification.


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It's under an RF licence so it can be reused by the site without limit.

If you had put it under RM, you would usually have got a separate fee each time. Incidentally you can't change it back now- once an image has sold as RF it can never be licensed as RM again.

Incidentally,  I've had the Guardian self-report subsequent uses of an RF image and pay a separate fee, but this was a few years ago. I don't know if it's still so scrupulous.

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17 hours ago, spacecadet said:

 Incidentally you can't change it back now- once an image has sold as RF it can never be licensed as RM again.

According to Alamy, you can:


It makes sense, as most Alamy RM sales don't have any degree of exclusivity.

You might lose a huge sale, but there aren't many of these going about.


But absolutely, if it's Royalty Free, they can use it multiple times. Read the terms of the agencies/distributors you sell through.

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