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I would just like to say thank you to all who commented on a recent post of mine re luminence noise. Most of you saw colour noise which I was not seeing. So after looking via another screen there it was clear as day! So I ordered a calibrator and when it arrived and I duly attached it for use I then discovered my PC was not recognising my graphics card and therefore could not calibrate the screen, apparently it was not there although I was viewing images on something in front of me! Anyway, all too technical for me, so off for repair. The pricely sum of €20 later gave me a whole new viewing experience, thank goodness I had not sent the last batch of edited images! I have viewed them anew and am having to adjust them all, including spotting some dreaded CA not noticed before.


None of this would of come to light so soon without your assistance, so thank you once again for all your help and comments.  Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and very prosperous  2018

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@george this is great news to hear!!  When I teach classes to our beginning photographers at our local camera club, one of the things I stress the most, if they intend to get serious about photography, is monitor calibration.  You have seen first hand what an improperly calibrated monitor can do.  


I almost feel your post should perhaps be pinned or placed somewhere that all new contributors can read it.  


Have a great 2018, and happy shooting,



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