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Having made a nice calendar sale a few months ago I’ve now found the image, on Amazon, with a reverse image search. 


Can I make a DAC’s claim for this later on? If I can, do I need the ISDN numbers shown on the Amazon page or anything else?


My only previous DACs claim was made by Alamy, on my behalf, as I no idea where the image had been used, other than a book.



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7 minutes ago, RedSnapper said:

Only books / magazines (with ISBN / ISSN's) count. Calendars won't have either




(and broadcast too...before anyone points it out)


Thanks Keith,


I wasn’t sure if that was the case. The calendar 

does have a ISBN number as per below:


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2 hours ago, Steve Hyde said:

Yes it’s published in Germany. But available on Amazon.uk as well as Amazon.com



Unless it's on tv I don't think there's a way to claim this. They don't lend calendars in libraries do they? Also copying them to hang on your wall is a bit far fetched. The idea is to reimburse you for a right's use you have not been paid for already.

Simply the selling of that calendar whether it's in Berlin, the UK or Ouagadougou is a use you have been paid for by the sale (licensing) of that image to that editor.



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